Astounding Country Bedroom Design Ideas

modern country bedrooms

Living in the countryside is the dream of almost every individual, but it is not possible for everyone to own such a home. With so much of technological advancement taking place more people are shifting to metropolitan areas, leaving the countryside for alter in life. If this is the case then you would surely want your home to have a countryside decor, even if it is in the city with a good country bedroom decor for your intimate space. You are certainly going to enjoy the ambience of a country bedroom as this is the choice for anyone who likes to enjoy the finer things in life.

To make the room look larger the windows can be converted to mirrors. The reflection will surely give the bedroom a large appearance. Curtains or the drapes can be long smooth flowing in lighter shades to create a sense of calmness in the bedroom and enhance the look of your private space. Stronger colors can be used if you desire the look of a princess bedroom. Even the window frames, doors, etc. can be painted accordingly to provide the right countryside look.

For a country bedroom decor a quaint feeling can be provided by using wood liberally. Not only for the ceiling beams, but even the furniture, as well as the wooden flooring can provide the same country side theme to your bedroom decor. If you have pillars in the bedroom they too can be a complete match to your country decor. To add an ethnic charm the wooden flooring can have some interesting patterns, with colors and wood grains matching the entire color theme of the room. For a bedroom with the English countryside look use dark brown shades along with lighter pastel shades to create a corresponding effect.

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