Awesome Matching Nightstands Designs

matching nightstands

Your bedroom is probably the most exciting part of the house to decorate. This is because you have more free rein over what you want in the room without being overly concerned about what other people may think, or having to match it with the other rooms of the house. Your bedroom is entirely your own, and being able to personalize it means that you will be able to showcase your unique personality through your bedroom decor.

Accessorizing your bedroom is a pretty exciting task, but you have to remember that while you can control the entire look of the room, you also have to be concerned about matching at least some of the décor so that there is a general feel. Two types of bedroom furniture that you can match with this in mind are your nightstand and bed frame.

These are the following steps to choosing a nightstand and bed frame that match:

Step 1: Choose your bed frame.

Because your bed will be the room’s centerpiece, it is important that your bed frame is the main décor and the nightstand only accessorizes it. Choose a bed frame that complements the build of your bed. A safe choice would be to choose one in the same make as the rest of your bed (eg. A wooden bed frame for a wooden bed).

Step 2: Choose your nightstand.

Your nightstand will serve as an accent to the bed, which means that it should not take away the attention that is meant for the bed. You don’t necessarily have to get one in the same make as your bed, but it has to be the same in terms of overall feel, but in a more toned-down way. If you have an ornate bed, choose an elegant-looking nightstand that is not overly decorated with swirls and curves. Also choose colors that complement the shade of your bed frame.

Step 3: Accessorize!

You can accessorize both your bed frame and nightstand with your personal touches – just remember to create a balanced look that doesn’t look too cluttered with stuff. If the overall look is elegant and ornate, don’t go overboard with the accessorizing as the designs of the bed design and nightstand are probably enough to create a positive feel.

There are plenty of different furniture shops that offer various styles and designs for bed frames and night stands. Make sure to pay a visit to all of these shops so that you get an accurate and detailed idea of all your options. Play with different ideas and take pictures of your current bedroom so that you can visualize how you want the overall look to be. Good luck!

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