Amazing Bathroom Window Coverings Ideas

white modern style bathroom window coverings ideas

Elegant and Private Bathroom Window Coverings

Not everyone is lucky enough to have bathroom windows. Those who do, sometimes cover them permanently to keep others from looking in or cold drafts of air from getting in to cause a bather to catch cold. Yet the right-size bathroom window can do wonders in making a small room appear larger or adding light to a room that is somewhat dark due to the way it was built or is currently lighted.

Since every window, and especially those in the bathroom, should be covered to protect privacy and ensure modesty, you may not be sure how to best cover your bathroom windows. Depending on their size and location in the room, you may want to either downplay or emphasize them. There are many ways to accent or de-emphasize your bathroom windows. Use neutral-colored fabric to play down the presence of windows. Or leave them bare except for mini-blinds that mesh with the color scheme of the walls.

One way to highlight them is to place colorful valances over mini-blinds in the same or coordinating shade. A simple valance is inexpensive to purchase, easy to hang, and simple to maintain. You need only vacuum it once every week or two, and wash it every month or two, to keep your window looking clean and neat. The mini-blinds will need to be dusted each week with a feather duster or cloth, and they should be washed every few months to get rid of the dust buildup.

The valances should coordinate with other draperies throughout your home, and with color accents in the bathroom, like the floor tile or carpet.

Another type of popular window covering is a window-length light fabric drapery or curtain. These can be tied back by day, and loosened at night, to admit light and a view as needed. Fabric curtains of this type require a little more care, and you will have to be sure not to wash the fabric in very hot water for fear they will shrink or fade. Café-style curtains are popular over a traditional tension-pull blind or mini-blind setup.

Whichever curtain styles you select, coordinate the design and color shades with other bathroom accessories, like floor rugs, towels and washcloths, and wall colors or wallpaper patterns. The entire ensemble should follow a particular decorating scheme like early American or contemporary to provide a unified flow of décor in your home. It may not be a good idea to have lace curtains with a wilderness wallpaper border near the ceiling. Of course, it’s your home, so you can use the type of curtains that you personally like.

Windows are like the eyes of a room, and like human eyes, they should be adorned to fit the surrounding area so they don’t stand out or draw too much attention. Keep your bathroom windows washed so that when the curtains are open, users can enjoy the view, if possible.

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