Bed Made From IKEA Cabinets

unique ideas bed made from ikea cabinets for small space decoration

Built-In-Furniture for a Small Space

Regardless of the size of your house, optimizing the space that you have could be a big challenge. In smaller properties, paucity of available space is often a big problem and could pose several difficulties. While you can always limit the number of items you can put into each room or deal with a big amount of clutter, the space can be effectively managed by going for built-in furniture. This is an option that can save valuable floor space, at the same time keeping the room completely functional.

Loft beds and Murphy beds

Besides forging a unique look for your room, built-in furniture like loft beds and Murphy beds can surely make a difference to a bedroom that’s very small. Murphy beds and loft beds can be fitted with a mattress as per your choice. This can make a huge difference in cramped space. Such beds can also be fitted with other features like desks and cabinetry.


You don’t always need a spare room or a home office for setting up an organized and pleasant work is. Installing a built-in desk under a staircase can be a great way to create a small work space out of a tiny and unused space. While considering the design for your built-in desk, remember that several shelves and cabinets can be incorporated so as to keep the area free from clutter. Files, phone books, important papers etc. can be stored there. Installing a built-in desk could be very helpful for the kitchen also. It can be very helpful for keeping telephone and other bills and other papers of household importance.

Other built-in furniture

Usually, built-in furniture takes several forms. Each item brings its own functionality when used to the full potential. Tables that can be folded into the wall would provide a place for eating and working as well as a place for stretching. Foldable window seats and benches can augment the number of people who can fit comfortably inside a small room sans being on the way. The window seats, in fact, can often be used as storage spaces. For small rooms that have cramped areas, built-in selves, cabinetry and drawers could be a blessing. Such kinds of furniture can also be fitted into a bathroom or a living room for reducing the clutter. Storage of items can be done better in this way. Garages are also good places for cabinets and built-in shelves. You might also like to see  storage bed.

Purchasing built-in furniture

Like several other home add-ons, built-in furniture is mostly available in a varying degree of cost and quality. You can often locate built-in furniture at local shops. If not, you can search them on the internet and buy online. Ahead of buying, make sure that your furniture makes use of the optimum space available. You can also buy pieces of furniture singularly and assemble them on your own. Another option is to ask your carpenter or furniture maker to take measurements of the space and then make the furniture. This could often be a cheaper option.

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