Enchanting Big Bathroom Designs

inspiring big bathroom ideas

Filling Up Spaces in a Big Bathroom

Having a big bathroom is wonderful but the problem is trying to make it homely and cozy by adding your own personal touch. This can be done in a variety of ways by filling the empty spaces.

Having a clothes hamper in one corner is not only practical but by choosing a design which suits your bathroom theme will definitely help you add that personal touch.A chair in the one corner is perfect for sitting on after a bath and rubbing on all your different oils and body lotions. It is also the perfect spot for a friend to sit on while you catch up on gossip. This is a great help towards multi tasking as you can have a bath and catch up on the news.

On bare walls you can hang up some nice pictures which you can also make sure adds to the general theme of your bathroom. Adding a stenciled design onto a portion of the wall will also add a personal touch and is even better than pictures because you will not have to dust so often.Having a towel rail or hanger is also great for filling up a blank space. You can also have a towel which is then just for show and also adds to the theme you have chosen. I personally do not use the towel which I hang from my towel rail. Instead I have a wicker basket which stores all the family towels.

Having a beautiful plant in a corner also adds to the jungle feeling and adds a very relaxed and natural feel to your bathroom. My violets love being in the bathroom and get all the moisture they need from the humidity of a bathroom. As they do not like a lot of water this space is perfect for them and setting them out on the window sill occasionally seems to be all the sunlight they need.

There are many other useful ways to fill up empty spaces in a big bathroom and the web can provide pictures of different bathroom designs. It is also a good idea to access ordinary people like yourself via home tips and see how they have done up their bathroom. The good thing about this is that most people have already considered pricing and can help towards choosing bathroom designs which are very cost effective.

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