Brilliant Wall Mounted Mail Holder Designs

rustic style wall mounted mail holder design ideas

Antique Mail Boxes

Antique mail boxes are decorative home mail boxes designed to provide an exceptional and an unparalleled look as well as for adequate mail collection facility. They are proportioned to put up with the extra turgid mail of the present days. They are either wall-mountable or mounted on post and found in a wide range of styles and designs. Different color combinations, strong lock mechanisms, beautiful handmade or printed customs, powder coats, address plaques and gorgeous models make these antique mail boxes seem extraordinary. Some of them are provided with paper holders too.

The body of an antique mail box is made of brass, copper or stainless steel. Four different models of antique brass mail boxes are accessible. Made of hard brass, they are usually installed on the surfaces of wall or deep set in pillars or walls. They are available at a price range of $81 to $125. They are commonly used for mail delivery in houses. Postal locks are not required in such mail boxes as they have inner openings. Mail boxes built with aluminum are also preferred as they do not rust.

Wall mountable steel antique mail boxes are also widely used. Hammered antique copper mail boxes last for a long time. Many of them claim to be post master approved, weather tight and rust resistant. The entirely powder coated body finishes in antique copper or polished in brass or made of galvanized steel provide them the extra life. They are safe, secure and durable.

An antique bronze eagle designed mail box is captivating interest these days. It is a wall mounted box provided with mail detecting mailbox door which rises up on receiving the mail and henceforth lands down. Its refined look and enormous space holding capacity is arousing customer interest. It comes in various box colors and matching faceplates. The price is around $138.58.

Antique mail boxes can also be mounted on balancing standard post, decorative post, deluxe post, etc. The posts are designed such that the heavy duty aluminum posts can support a series of mail boxes; even the newspaper holders and spreaders are provided in a single post.

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