Appealing Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas

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Bathroom windows need just as much attention to detail as any other window in a home. In fact, it is an opportunity to be creative with this type of window treatment. Most bathroom windows are sized slightly smaller than their counterparts in the rest of...

Attractive Subway Tile Bathrooms Ideas

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In 1904, the widespread use of the interlocking pattern of rectangles popularly known as “Subway Tile” first appeared throughout the tunnels of the newly opened New York City Subway system. Although the highly detailed and varied murals that lined the walls of the subway tunnels...

Exciting Contemporary Bathroom Design

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Contemporary bathroom design is entirely a matter of personal choice. Imagination and creativity is the main key to designing modern bathrooms. In a modern society, you cannot but live without your bathroom having a contemporary design. Contemporary bathrooms are designed keeping in mind the present...

Amazing Bathroom Window Coverings Ideas

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Elegant and Private Bathroom Window Coverings Not everyone is lucky enough to have bathroom windows. Those who do, sometimes cover them permanently to keep others from looking in or cold drafts of air from getting in to cause a bather to catch cold. Yet the...

Glamorous Purple Bathroom Ideas

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How to Choose Your Bathroom Paint There is nothing like a stint in the bathroom to make you feel refreshed, reorganized and distressed. The fact is, the bathroom is the only place that you can be alone with your thoughts. As such, it should look...

Enchanting Big Bathroom Designs

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Filling Up Spaces in a Big Bathroom Having a big bathroom is wonderful but the problem is trying to make it homely and cozy by adding your own personal touch. This can be done in a variety of ways by filling the empty spaces. Having...

Surprising Turquoise Bathroom Design Ideas

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Turquoise and Brown – Two Inspiring Colors That Will Transform Your Bath You may not think of turquoise and brown as colors you would use to decorate the bathroom, but you’d be surprised at the great looks you can achieve! While turquoise is often bold...

Enchanting Grey Bathroom Rugs Ideas

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What to Consider When Looking For Suitable Bathroom Rugs To some of us, bathroom rugs have a luxury ring to our ears – they should be. It is so rewarding to feel the smooth sensation when having your bathroom experience. If you are the kind...

Amusing Copper Clawfoot Tub design

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What Copper Tubs Will Do For You Copper baths tend to come in several different and very distinct categories. To start there are the plain bare copper tubs, which are generally open and light weight. They are light as well as very close to the...

Built in Shower Shelves

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Ceramic Shower Shelves, More Than a Decoration Ceramic is an item that is made of clay through the process of repeated heating and cooling. It is a non-metal object that is closely related to glass. Ceramic is a very useful material that has a multitude...