Surprising Turquoise Bathroom Design Ideas

Turquoise and Brown – Two Inspiring Colors That Will Transform Your Bath You may not think of turquoise and brown as colors you would use to decorate the bathroom, but you’d be surprised at the great looks you can achieve! While turquoise is often bold and bright, brown is a neutral color that balances and […]

Enchanting Grey Bathroom Rugs Ideas

What to Consider When Looking For Suitable Bathroom Rugs To some of us, bathroom rugs have a luxury ring to our ears – they should be. It is so rewarding to feel the smooth sensation when having your bathroom experience. If you are the kind of person who no longer thinks about the model of […]

Amusing Copper Clawfoot Tub design

What Copper Tubs Will Do For You Copper baths tend to come in several different and very distinct categories. To start there are the plain bare copper tubs, which are generally open and light weight. They are light as well as very close to the floor without any ‘legs’ for support such as clawfoot legs. […]

Built in Shower Shelves

Ceramic Shower Shelves, More Than a Decoration Ceramic is an item that is made of clay through the process of repeated heating and cooling. It is a non-metal object that is closely related to glass. Ceramic is a very useful material that has a multitude of uses. From hand made painted pots to collectible chinaware […]

Shower Shelf Insert

Choosing Bathroom Shelves – Get the Best You can use bathroom accessories to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Of many types of bathroom accessories available in the market, bathroom shelves are a must for every bathroom. Bathroom shelves are not only items of great utility, but also have aesthetic value. They can […]

Walk in Tub Shower Combo

Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion The main reason to convert a bathtub to a walk-in shower is to make it easier for someone who has limited mobility to take a shower. If you or someone in your household is finding it difficult to step over the side of the bathtub, several options could make the […]

Walk In Shower Tile Ideas and Design Options

Just like any other room in the house that you want to decorate, you will also have to choose the floor tiles for the inside of your bathroom or shower room. Even your walk-in shower tile ideas have to be brainstormed and discussed properly with your interior designer or contractor first. Since they are experienced […]

How effective is Your Shower Niche Ideas Search?

Browsing online for some shower niche ideas can be one of the easier methods you can do when you need to find some pointers in designing or decorating your shower and bathroom area. You can even use them as a pitch to help your designer when they are going to help design your bathroom for […]

Brainstorming Few Bathroom Niche Ideas

In renovating or remodeling your bathroom, even when you have a contractor or interior designer to help you do the job, you will still have to brainstorm few bathroom niche ideas. You can look for some ideas through Google, or you can pitch in some of your own ideas to them. This way, they will […]