Amusing Copper Clawfoot Tub design

elegant classic copper clawfoot tub ideas

What Copper Tubs Will Do For You

Copper baths tend to come in several different and very distinct categories. To start there are the plain bare copper tubs, which are generally open and light weight. They are light as well as very close to the floor without any ‘legs’ for support such as clawfoot legs. Copper bathtubs are seen as vintage tubs going back to the 20th and late 19th centuries, when these types of copper tubs were common.

The other models are usually acrylic plastic tubs with copper handles and taps, or occasionally cheaper models come with iron handles and taps with a copper lead or color painted onto it. This is generally the case with the budget vintage tubs you can occasionally buy from the high street bathroom shops. Other examples of rarer vintage tubs are those constructed with copper but leafed sometimes with gold or silver. This is almost always where the taps are, but there are some ornate vintage tubs with different patterns.

Quite a lot of the time, vintage copper tubs aren’t actually used for bathing in, but in fact are added to the room by being put on a display as a work of history. Many try to give their bathrooms a more renaissance look by the addition of a copper tub to the room, near the real one for example. Copper baths are generally seen as quite costly vintage tubs, because copper, as opposed to iron, is a very expensive metal. Then because of its cost, these types of vintage copper baths are left more to the wealthy.

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