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The Many Options of Hand Towel Holder Designs

While in fact the hand towel holder is slightly less prevalent in the kitchen as the paper towel holder, it is becoming more of a necessity in modern kitchen design due to the incorporation of hand towel sets. As such, manufacturers have been putting slightly more of an emphasis on these fantastic accessories providing numerous design and style options that bring new and fresh elements to a pre-existing theme.

Traditionally, many people used the handle of the stove or a space under the sink in order to store their kitchen hand towels. As such, there has been little emphasis on coming out with fresh and elegant designs for the everyday kitchen rag holder. However, as the demand has slowly begun to grow, newly released designs for these specific accessories have been flourishing in the industry.

These holders stay true to the structure and design of the wall mounted towel rack. As such, there are very few models that are manufactured for the kitchen that exhibit freestanding characteristics. For those who are purchasing one of these items for a pre-existing modern theme, there are countless unique and innovative designs that meld very well into a modern space. For the most part, hand towel holders consist of metallic finishes that are prevalent in modern design elements; such as stainless steel, brushed nickel and chrome.

Aside from their modern characteristics, the hand towel storage rack is considered by some to be an Eco-friendly accessory due to the fact that they encourage the re-use of various hand towels over the continuous purchasing of paper towels that the more traditional paper towel holders require.

With all of the innovative and modern designs that are continuing to be released on a regular basis, as well as the Eco-friendly aspects and monetary savings over time, a fabric towel holder is a fantastic choice for any kitchen that can legitimately incorporate one.

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