Exciting Small Office Design

small office design inspiration

To have a successful office design, you don’t necessarily need a large space. Creating a plan for a small space simply involves a few tricks to give your workplace an illusion of size, as well as some clever organising.

Focus on Light: For small office designs, it is usually best to go with clean white paint to let natural light reflect of the walls and fill the space. This gives an illusion of space as well as greatly improving the atmosphere and ambience of a space.

Clever Storage: One of the hardest hurdles to a successful interior design for small spaces is finding a place to store everything. Storage space is therefore one of the first things you should put in place in your space plan. Choose clever storage units that double as room dividers or alternatively choose modular units which can be moved around as you use the space differently.

Choose your Furniture Well: Having a small space gives you all the more reason to use well-designed and ergonomically comfortable furniture in your office design. Of particular importance are the workstations and desking system you choose. Each workstation needs to give ample room to the individual user, while the whole system needs to fit neatly into the space.

Partitioning Walls: The best small office plans use partitions to make more room appear in the workplace seemingly out of nowhere. Partitions provide effective barriers to block out distracting vision and sound, giving you more usable space.

Create Multi-Purpose Spaces: In small office designs it is often necessary to make your space work a little harder to suit your needs. Many areas in large workspaces are only used infrequently and are left empty for the remainder of the working day or week. You can double your boardroom as a general meeting area or even a break area and you could forego a dedicated reception space for a friendly open plan entrance.

Choose Decorative Features Wisely: If your office space is small, you don’t want to dominate it with artwork in the form of huge wall murals or cumbersome scupltures. Instead, you should choose artwork and decorative features for your office design that take up very little space but are pleasing to the eye. Additionally with a small space you can probably afford more expensive and higher quality finishes for your office design, such as polished wooden floorboards or scratch proof table tops.

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