Fascinating Bathroom Shelves Ideas

popular glass bathroom shelves ideasVery few people are happy with the storage space that they have in their bathroom. If you have more than one person using the bathroom, it can get quite cramped and the amount of things that start to pile up and can become ridiculous. Using bathroom shelving can eliminate some of this mess by taking your storage vertical.

The shower is often an area that is littered with shampoo bottles, razors, gels, etc… This can get a little annoying as you have to wade through things to find your stuff just to take a shower. If you make use of shower shelving, you can make some sense of it all and get things a little more organized. Get something where everyone using that shower can have their own shelf and you will never pick up the wrong shampoo again.

You know the drill, you have your shampoo, she has hers. You use Axe shower gel, and she uses something from the rain forest that smells like a fresh summer breeze. You don’t want her stuff and she doesn’t want yours. The shelf is the new line in the sand that shall not be crossed.

Another area that can be a mess is the sink. Between toothbrushes, toothpaste and soaps, it can look like ground zero. Nobody wants to look at all of that stuff and there is really no need for it. You can get everything up off the sink and out of the area of splashing water and up on a shelf. Get something with several shelves on it and you can add some hand towels as well.

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