Faux Marble Coffee Table

faux marble coffee table set for living room ideas

Choosing a Marble Coffee Table

Are you searching for a marble coffee table? Good choice….maybe. While marble is certainly an attractive material that can confer some status on the owner, it also requires a certain amount of care in order to keep looking its best. It needs to be sealed about once a year to keep it looking new, and you have to take care to not spill any acidic drinks like juice or coffee on it as marble is porous and stains easily if it comes into contact with acids. If you are willing to put in this care, then you should consider marble top coffee tables for your living room. Not only can marble coffee tables look really nice, they are also heavy and can really do a lot to make a living room look classy. In this article we will go over the types of marble coffee tables available to the consumer, as well as touch on some of the options in terms of the type of marble you choose. With the knowledge of a few important considerations, it should be possible to choose a table to match your tastes as well as budget.

Marble is a natural material that comes in many colors and patterns. This makes it well-suited to interiors that are a bit gaudier, though you should also be able to find a modern marble coffee table that matches more contemporary decor. One of the main considerations is shape- do you want a round, square, or oval marble coffee table? Make no doubt about it, each shape has its own unique feel that is intrinsic. Factor in how well a shape goes with your furniture, and you see how a coffee table can really make or break a living room. Not only does it have to mesh well with your other living room furniture, the coffee table also has to look good on it own. If you plan to use the table when entertaining guests, it will probably the one object in the room that people continually bring their eyes to. Better make it a good one!

A round shape is generally more pleasing to look at and gives a feeling of wholeness to a room. If you must get a more regular shape in order to have the coffee table be compatible with your other living room furniture, however, an oval may also suffice.

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