Unique Fillable Glass Lamp Ideas

unusual fillable glass lamp designs

Glass Lamps Suggestions – Table Or for Your Desk

Glass lamps make an elegant addition to many rooms in the home. While lamps are sometimes necessary for the lighting, it is nice to choose one that adds some ambiance that was previously lacking. Often such an effortless decorating feature will drastically change the look and feel of a room. There is a vast array of styles and types from antique glass lamps to contemporary blown glass lamps, and it’s a guarantee that anyone can find the perfect fit for their decorating needs. Many people are under the impression that these lamps are out of bounds for them due to price. While some may be more expensive, a person doesn’t have to go broke to purchase one. The availability ranges from stores like Pottery Barn to Target, which leaves a choice that fits into almost everyone’s budget.

One popular decorating scheme incorporates the clear glass lamps. For a room that needs simplicity, the clear base offers this option. Often combined with a no frills shade, these ordinary lamps can add just a hint of classiness. But there are also alternatives for spicing up the everyday. You can fill the base of many of these lamps with items that will enhance the room’s decor. Someone at the beach could add some sand and seashells to compliment a nautical theme. A cabin in the woods could include some lovely stones from outdoors for that rustic touch. These lamps are one style of lamp that has a variable price tag depending on choices. When comparing the assortment of available glass table lamp, these are the most versatile available.

Crystal lamps are another among the more popular styles on the market. They come in a wide range of styles from the very basic design to the elegant. Most often the base is formed into crystal pieces of different sizes and shapes. Often there will be combinations of the crystal with other items such a colored glass and various metals. This is one way to personalize the crystal with the room being decorated. Even a man’s study could benefit from crystal if it were, for example, smaller pieces with a square shape and combined with maybe a dark brown or black interspersed throughout. Top it off with a matching shade and crystal is now masculine. Yet, when sprucing up the formal living room crystal is a perfect way to add that designer touch without the expense of a designer. The prices are also very diverse. One can go the extra mile and buy Waterford and Tiffany or a lower cost and still exquisite piece can be found at a local department store.

Glass lamps are an affordable and chic way to liven up a living space that is in need of some character. Some may choose to go with the more traditional style of the milk glass lamps for a small cottage sitting room. Others will decide that the extra expense of the ultra contemporary murano glass lamps is a worthwhile investment for their upscale apartment. Regardless of a person’s budget and preferences, there is certain to be a style for every home.

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