Half Moon Window Shade

half moon window shade designs

Modern Window Shades Enhance Older Designs Adding Technology and Elegance

Roller shades have been a standard way of light control for over a century. Everyone is familiar with how cheaply most such window shades are manufactured and how low quality the spring mechanisms that manipulate them work and last.

Yet, modern roller shades are significantly enhanced. Commonly, window shades have only been used for room darkening. However these beauties are obtainable in ways that help to offer light filtering, while others come in decorative styles. Roller shades of a much elevated quality may also be on the market.

Roller shades for sun control provide light filtering and diminution of glare without entirely blocking either the light or the landscape. Typically these are made from a lightweight mesh or screen like material. One should not desire these styles of window shades to offer momentous privacy. Nevertheless, there are cases where one only needs to soften the light that enters a space, and sun-control roller shades can provide the complete solution. A conventional application of this kind of shade is for office windows. Light-filtering window shades are available in a range of pale colors, and also several dark colors. Dark mesh is easier to see through, and may sometimes be a more pleasing alternative to a light color.

Decorative roller shades provide a quantity of light control, but not perfect blackout. What they do provide is style. Many colors and textures in a range of fabrics are available which can coordinate with your decor rather than call awareness to the fact that window shades have been installed. Various textures of weave from smooth to ornate woven stripes, or more rustic are presented. Even tastefully understated designs of leaves or floral patterns may be found to enhance the appearances of walls of windows. Some roller shades feature beautiful woven trims.

Traditionally, roller shades have been used for darkening rooms. This function is still a popular use of the product. Instead of poor quality plastic window shades, more modern construction frequently layers fiberglass with vinyl. This not only creates a durable product, but also gives complete light blockage. If the blinds are mounted outside the window casing, near blackout condition can be achieved. Better materials mean that modern roller shades are less likely to crack, split, tear, twist, or become distorted. They are not as susceptible to sun damage as older type window shades. The use of better and stronger resources also means that window shades can be mounted in wider spaces than ever in the past. Modern roller shades are available in widths up to 108 inches.

In most cases, decorative hem styles are also available. In addition to a straight hem, variations on scalloped patterns known as scallop, wave, breakers, half-moon, and sea gull can be found. These hems are properly biased to give better roller shade function. Such factory edges provide a tailored, designer finish for your window shades.

The cartoon joke where a roller shade unexpectedly snaps upward rolling itself over and over isn’t really so funny when the shade is one of your own. And poor quality window shades will do just that, with the usual result that the window shades mechanism falls apart and your only recourse is to replace the whole shade. The new SmoothLift roller shade mechanism provides much better control and potency. The SmoothLift is a structure that reduces the effort necessary to operate the shade. Over time this decreases the amount of physical touching with the shade that helps the fabric to last for more years. Reducing contact with the shade also results in the benefit that window shades stay cleaner. The new SmoothLift control system allows the shades to be set at any preferred height. Modern roller shades overcome most of the problems associated with the product.

If you haven’t newly considered roller shades based on your predispositions with regard to their quality and hardiness, think about taking a look at modern, attractive, long-lasting roller shades.

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