Amazing Hall Tree Bench

white vintage hall tree storage bench ideas

Conquer Clutter With a Hall Tree Bench

Do you have a jumble of coats, hats, scarves and boots in your front closet? When you come home from work after a long day, do you want to hang your coat nicely, but find that there is nowhere to hang it? As you are dressing for work in the mornings, do you want to be able to hang your blazer or suit jacket by the front door, but have nowhere to do this? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a hall tree bench can be the answer to your dilemma.

Hall tree benches are medium to large pieces of furniture. They consist of a bench seat which is anything but ordinary, a raised back, hooks and a storage area. The bench itself doubles as the storage area, courtesy of a hinged lid. The back of the bench will typically rise to a level of about six feet, with hooks flanking either side of the back. The hooks can be used to neatly hang or display scarves, hats or coats. The storage in the bench can be used for anything from hats and gloves, to phone books that have no other home. The bench is handy for sitting on to slip on your tennis shoes, or your leather cowboy boots. Many styles will also boast a mirror built into the back, so that you can take one final look before you head out the door.

These amazing pieces of furniture are much more than just a spot to sit on, and a hook for your favorite hat. They are lovely and decorative in their own right. They make a fantastic addition to any home. Even in homes that do not have a traditional foyer, they can be placed in a living room or family room. Not only do they provide additional storage for hats and small items, but they also provide a reasonably comfortable seat that can be used when people stop by. If you have small children, imagine dressing your little ones to play in the snow, and having a bench where they can sit to have boots and mittens put on. As your comparison, see also coat trees for your jacket or hat organizer.

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