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Environmentally-Safe Home Legends – A Home Run in Hardwood Flooring

In a time where environmental sustainability is a growing concern, many people refrain from purchasing hardwood floors. They’re fearful of the environmental impact on the world’s natural ecosystem. One hardwood flooring manufacturer that is taking steps towards environmentally-safe practices is Home Legend Hardwoods.

Home Legend Hardwoods’ engineered floors are made of 75% less newly forested wood than the typical engineered wood floor. The top layer is the only layer that contains the actual hardwood specie, with the core part of the wood constructed from 100% recycled wood and paper materials. The result? A floor, that to the naked eye appears like any other hardwood floor, but with minimal impact on the environment.

This collection features a variety of domestic and exotic wood species, including tigerwood, mahogany, elm, walnut, maple, oak, and hickory woods, all available smooth or hand scraped. The smooth woods in this collection are accented by the wood’s seven-layer aluminum oxide finish, whereas the hand scraped woods’ texture enhances each species’ natural rings and markings.

Elm Desert is a rare find, as the American Elm tree, until recent years, was and is still considered by some as an endangered specie due to disease. Because of Home Legend’s minimal use of the wood in its engineered construction, the company is able to manufacture this rare hardwood.

Oak Verona Handscraped is another striking wood in this collection, with a copper-color and markings that’s bear a tiger resemblance. Oak Gunstock Handscraped has the same powerful oak markings as Verona, but with a more subtle, light-brown hue with less dramatic color variation.

For smooth hardwoods manufactured by Home Legend, the rich red-colored Santos Mahogany is a favorite, along with the blonde Oak Natural. These woods don’t have the dramatic texture that the handscraped woods do, but they are subtle and velvety smooth, something many homeowners venture toward if they prefer modern decorating opposed to traditional.

Another factor that increases Home Legends’ appeal – price! Where else can you find exotics like tigerwood and mahogany for just $3.95 per square foot? In times of economic uncertainty, and increasing environmental consciousness, Home Legend is a line that has really stepped up to the plate and delivered a home-run product.

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