Stylish IKEA Platform Bed with Storage Ideas

natural wooden ikea platform bed with storage ideas

The Platform Bed With Storage – How to Be Practical and Have Oodles of Style

There was a time, not too long ago, when storage beds were fairly unattractive. Now the designers have got in gear and realised how many of us need extra storage and the current platform bed with storage designs are highly appealing.

Most platform beds are simple and contemporary designs. Although antiques are great, they do often require more space than we have; the furniture of previous years will quite frankly not fit into many apartments. However, having a small apartment does not mean that you need less clothes or have less stuff.

The platform bed with storage comes in two basic designs. The first is an update of the original storage bed. The mattress is held on a platform, and underneath there are drawers. These drawers will usually be wooden and will be on rollers to metal rollers to make them easy to move. If you are looking for storage for items which you need daily access to then this is the best design for you. However, before you buy make sure that you measure the area carefully and be certain that you will be able to access the drawers once the bed is in situ.

The newer design of bed, which has a greater ‘wow’ factor is the one where the mattress lifts. These are amazing beds. Basically the platform which holds the mattress is hinged at the head of the bed and you simply lift up the whole platform, mattress and all, and underneath is a huge storage area.

One of the great advantages of these storage beds is that the space underneath is so large and therefore a great way to store large, bulky items or things which you don’t want to get rid off, but you don’t uses regularly.

The lifting platform bed with storage will usually be a very streamlined design and will be very attractive. They are often sold with the memory foam mattresses, if you have stretch the budget to one of these then well worth it, but certainly not a necessity.

There is one thing worth mentioning about the lifting platform bed – it isn’t as heavy as you would think. Thanks to cleverly designed hinges this is actually a relatively easy to lift.

Although I cannot guarantee every platform bed with storage is amazing, I can assure you that the majority of these are great, stylish, contemporary designs which you will love and they are hugely practical, making them the perfect choice for any bedroom.

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