Lift Top Coffee Table

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Lift Top Coffee Tables Offer an Element of Surprise

Coffee tables are fairly standard in the average home. Most likely, there’s one in the living room and you may even have another in the family room or the home theater. They are an essential part of your grouping strategies, not only offering a convenient place to set remotes, food and beverages, but also to add balance to a room.

If you’ve ever walked into a room that didn’t have a coffee table, you probably felt as if something was missing. That’s because these tables provide a counter balance to all the upholstered furnishing. Set lower and usually made of wood, stone, glass, wicker or metal, the coffee table provides visual contrast to the room, offering a much-needed change of pace in terms of impact and interest.

While it may be a no-brainer to some homeowners, this table is essential. But not all are created equal. Some of the newest concepts in table design are lift top tables. These tables have a neat little trick up their sleeve, allowing them to not only add beauty to a room, but convenience and perhaps, just a little extra flexibility.

One of the nice things about lift top coffee tables is that they don’t look much different from their fixed top counterparts. The real magic lies underneath. Like a snappy race car, the real power is underneath the hood, or in this case, the top. Brilliantly engineered, the top can either slide or lift out of the way.

Why would you want to have lift top coffee tables in your home? Two reasons, really: convenience and storage.

Let’s look at the storage issue first. As any family knows, a lot of stuff can collect in the living room, home theater or family room over time. This includes frequently used toys, favorite books and magazines, blankets and throws, movies, remotes… the list goes on and on.

While you could conceivably have a coffee table with cabinets below, getting to them can be a bit of a pain, since the sofa can often block the door or you have to somehow work your way down in that gap between the sofa and table just to find something simple, like a rarely used VCR remote.

With lift top coffee tables you don’t have to do be a contortionist. Instead, you can simply lift up the top and find what you’re looking for. Best of all, you don’t need to even remove what’s on the table’s top. Anyone who has tried to adapt a hope chest or steamer trunk as a coffee table will appreciate this convenience. Who hasn’t had to pull everything off the lid just to get a comforter or a favorite pillow?

While the sliding or lift top is nice for storage purposes, lift top coffee tables can also make dinnertime or homework a lot more pleasant. Depending on the model you choose, you can get a coffee table sets with a large top that lifts up and out, creating a nice table that is perfect for eating at while you watch TV. Rather than leaning over the table top of a traditional coffee table, the table comes to you, lifting up and over to the sofa. This not only makes meal time in front of the TV a real joy, but your kids can also use it to do their homework and school projects so they don’t have to feel sequestered in their bedroom. If you have an open plan, your kids can do their homework while you work in the kitchen or spend some time catching up with your own TV shows at the table. Lift top coffee tables can be a real problem solver for families that have a lot of hobbies or projects but still want some face time.

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