Breathtaking Mirrored TV Cabinet Designs

mirrored tv cabinet

Entertainment Centers – Media Cabinets

Entertainment centers or media cabinets come in many different styles and shapes. They hold our TV’s, DVD players, CD players, and stereos as well as books and other items we love to display. They create a centerpiece in the family room, which can be elegant and practical at the same time.

A center unit with side wings is a common way to set up an entertainment center, with the TV being the center of it all. The side wings can include bookshelves, gun cabinets, curio cabinets or anything you can think up. The middle TV cabinet is commonly taller than the side wings leaving an open space above for a decorative piece like a statue or a lovely plant.

Below the TV, doors are placed to serve as storage for CD’s and DVD’s. Doors are also added to the bottom of the side wings for additional storage. The center doors covering the TV are often retractable; this design allows them to stay open without obstructing the view of the TV.

The entertainment center is placed and centered on a wall that can easily be viewed from any location in the family room. If your dining area is adjacent to the family room you can place it on a wall that can be viewed from there as well. A wet bar located near the family room should also have a clear view of the entertainment center.

Houses that contain a media room often have a large screen for showing movies in a theater type setting. These rooms can include a wet bar and seating that faces the screen. This is a great room for entertaining family and guests.

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