Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

pine wood outdoor garbage can storage ideas

Use Storage Containers On The Road

Last year, my children and spouse and I took a short ski trip over spring break. We were driving to the ski lodge (which was four hours away) so we needed to take care that all of our belongings fit inside the vehicle. Things also needed to be easy to find to minimize the number of times we stopped.

With kids on the trip, I think it really is easiest to keep their toiletries in a deep storage container with a snap-on lid. That makes it easy for little hands to grab their toothpaste, toothbrush, and hair ties. And it seems to keep the countertop around the sink clear of clutter. Since there’s never much countertop, you’re actually helping yourself with this trick!

When we travel, we also tend to take our own snacks to save on costly snacks from convenience stores. I tend to use one storage container for the sweet stuff like raisins and fruit snacks and granola bars, and use another container for the salty stuff like pretzels. Even if I use little baggies to hold the food, I place them inside a storage container to keep them from getting crushed. Voila! Food stays separated into individual portions and stays ready-to-eat.

I think it’s a good idea to travel prepared, so I also pack up a container with some first aid supplies. In goes some bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain reliever, antihistamine, and stomach relief tablets. On goes the lid and I have my own first aid kit!

Lastly, I use a storage container to hold supplies like napkins, wet wipes, plastic forks/spoons, and a small grocery sack which can act like a garbage can if needed.

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