Oversized Coffee Table

oversized coffee tables for living room furniture

Your Coffee Table Can Make Or Break Your Living Room

A coffee table is a very important piece in the living room. It is the focal point, the center of interaction, around which all social communication takes place.

Generally positioned in the middle of the living room, the coffee table is almost a playing field, across which words, ideas, and emotions can be expressed. It stands as the surface of the room, the second layer across which everything occurs.

However there are a number of mistakes that people make when choosing this table. The most common is a size, or shape issue. If you have a small living room, you simply cannot have a large, oversized coffee table. It will destroy the flow of the space, making it impossible to move in or out without bumping into the edges of the table.

A round table will cut down on the amount of space taken up, because it doesn’t have corners, the entire thing is rounded off. However a square coffee table can be butted up into a corner, allowing you to save two side of space, with just one corner jutting out.

It is even possible to get a coffee table made which ahs one, right angle, with the rest of the surface rounded. This means that you can but the table up into a corner, and then not have to worry about the other corners sticking out, because they are rounded off, and as such, not a threat to the knees of people walking by.

Another problem many people face is how to decorate the coffee table. It is true that the table itself is decorative to some extent, but you will still want to ensure that it looks attractive.

The most common elements for decorating these tables are books, magazines, periodicals, and other reading material. This is both decorative and functional, as it provides both color, and stimulation for guests.

Other popular coffee table decorations include vases, candle holders, centerpieces, and various knick knacks which can be arranged to achieve the style you desire. One very common decorative element is a small Zen garden, made from sand and rocks and bits of shell left in a tiny dish. The idea is that moving these items around in order to find pleasing arrangements is healthy for both the mind and soul.

The cocktail table is the central piece of a living room. You have to choose it cautiously, because something too big, or ugly, or which clashes with the decorative style of the space will destroy the functionality of the room. Instead you should choose a piece which flows naturally with the room, which fits the size and shape of the space, and which accommodates the functional needs of the area.

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