Brilliant Half Circle Window Shade Designs

white minimalist half circle window shade ideas

Window Shades Can Instantly Give Your Home A Easy Way To Control Light And Privacy

Window shades can instantly give your home an easy way to control light and privacy and still Create A Beautiful Window Treatment

A window treatment shade in its basic terms is a spring cord pulley system that allows you to raise and lower a window covering shade. There are a wide variety of different types that you can choose from like roller shades to cellular shades to natural shades like bamboo or other natural fibers. With so many different styles and combinations you might have to do a little research on your options and know what your specific needs are for a window shade. The first to start with is how much light control and home privacy are you trying to achieve, decide whether you’re trying to control nighttime privacy or daylight heat and glare or maybe you need a combination of the two. To have the best of both worlds you can start with a light filtering shade for protection against the sun and in the evening you could add curtains or some draperies that will give you the privacy. Two shade options like pleated shades and roller shades can give you the option of being installed from bottom up giving you privacy during the day and allow the sun to shine through the top. If your window shade is going to be used quite often then you should make sure you have a pulley or operating system that is easy to use.

Discover a shade style that works for you

You can find a numerous amount of shade styles and colors from window covering manufacturers. These window shades start from being a very distinctive character style and then you will find some that can blend in perfectly depending on the trimming or the fabric of the window shade treatment. An example: an appearance of a contemporary look would be with the use of a pleated shade or either as cellular shade, reason for this is because of the fabric that is gathered on the bottom of the shade. If you’re trying to create a softer look and appeal you may consider the cloud or the balloon shade, remember that there is a big impact with colors on your window treatments. By using geo-metrics and solids you will create a new tailored look and style than if you were to choose to use florals and lace fabric for the window shade treatment.

Which mounting style will work for your window shade?

All shade styles can be designed to be mounted on the inside of the window frame or either the outside of the window frame. With this in mind you’ll be able to decide on the overall appeal that you are trying to accomplish, depending if it’s for decoration or you need a shade that is very practical. When you use the inside mounting shade a top window treatment should be used like a swag or a valance. If you would like more control on the window you could add a curtain or a heavier drapery to it. Another appeal of this style of window shade is it allows you to show off the workmanship of the window frame, or you might not have the space around the window for the outside hanging shade and operating mechanism. From the basic design appeal the shade that is on the inside will allow the frame to encompass your window treatment allowing you to have a more visual emphasis. Using the outside window shade you will get the complete opposite look and feel. This shade style works well if you are trying to conceal the frame of the window or even make it look bigger than it is. This shading option will also have the ability to camouflage an oversize window and allow you to have more of a decorative shade look and appeal to an otherwise boring window.

Add to your window shade with a hem design

If you are looking to add a personal touch to the window treatment then the hem is the easiest way to accomplish this. The hems on the shades can be very intricate to very basic and plain depending on your plans for the overall window design. The downside of this idea is that not all window shades will give you the opportunity to add a hem in the design. Example: Cellular shades and Pleated shades don’t blend in and don’t benefit from a hem in the design, Roller shades on the other hand work well with a hem and are usually a perfect canvas to start your window shade design. Hems have a few different types and styles that you can add like scalloped, notched, Geo metric or even a curved hem. Edge treatments like this can also copy a pattern or style that you may have somewhere else in your room.

Trims that are decorative are: lace edgings, cording, a fringe, ruffles, Rick rack or even ribbon. By using different styles of hems on your window you can really add some nice finishing touches to the window treatment. These hems work well with any cord mechanisms like cloud or Balloon shades or Austrian window shades. If your window shade incorporates a tie back such as used in the rollup shade than your best hem choice would be a plain one because an embellished one would hinder the shades operation.

Here are six main groups of window shades

Window shades will fall into six different groups. Light blocking ability will depend on the shades material it’s made of. If you have a plain or lightweight window shade you can always add a liner to help control the light. Always make sure you choose the right window shade for your needs.

·Festoon shades: This style of shade will give you a more soft decorative feminine feel. Festoon shades are shade design to be stationary but you do have the option of making them operable or adjustable.

·Roman shades: Flat and very streamlined with horizontal plates that are 4 to 6 inches deep. Adding a liner to the Roman Shade works well or depending on the look and style you can stay with the single layer of fabric.

·Cellular shades: Looks like an accordion because of the pleated fabric layers. The layers are joined back to back giving you an air pocket between the fabric, which gives you great window insulation and good UV protection.

·Roller shades: Comes in a variety of different materials like plain fabric, vinyl, or textured to give more character. This spring operated shade is the basic and simplest which makes it a very attractive option.

·Pleated shades: Being made with folded fabric or paper, this shade will stack when pulled and tucked nicely under any window treatment like a curtain or drapery and be virtually invisible. Pleated shades have the option of a double cord system allowing you to lower from the top.

·Woven wood shades: This is a natural shade made with grasses, matchsticks, bamboo, Hemp or any material deemed natural. They are controlled with rollers or cords. Light control depends on the type of weave of the material.

Window shade planning

You may already know the type and style of window shade that you want and the finished design you are trying to accomplish. You may want to put it on hold and see more different types of shade ideas so that you can compare the different attributes of other window treatment styles. I hope by reading this that you have more ideas and ways you may not have thought of to plan and finish your window treatment.

Stylish IKEA Bed Hacks Ideas

shabby chic style ikea bed hacks designs

Platform Storage Beds to Help Keep You Organized

Are you the type of person who is always looking for ways to save space inside of your house? Do you like to keep your house well-organized and have all of your items easy to find? If you are a person who is trying to stay organized, then you should consider getting a platform storage bed. Platform storage beds are easy to use, convenient for storage, and have a very practical purpose compared to most other types of beds.

In comparison to older models of beds, a platform storage bed is a type of bed that has built-in storage. Most times, when people attempt to store things near their bed, they just throw it under their bed. Throwing something under your bed just makes it tough to remember because you cannot physically see where the object is. If whatever item you threw under your bed happens to slip your memory in the future, you will probably have a much more difficult time finding it if it was tossed under your bed into a big pile of junk that is already under there. If you would have had a platform storage bed, this problem of you not finding something wouldn’t have occurred.

The nice thing about platform storage beds is that they allow you to organize all of your materials into the side compartments of your bed. Most platform storage beds have a few open-view shelves that are built-in on each side and at the foot of the bed. Certain models of platform-storage beds even have shelves near the head of the bed. Having these shelves makes it very easy for us to see where we put our belongings and clothing. You may choose to store some books on one of the side shelves, while some shirts on the other side of your bed.

Kids will absolutely love platform-storage beds because they will be able to keep their rooms more organized and not need to clean as much. You may be thinking, “Why wouldn’t kids need to clean as much?” Well, because they would be able to see that they have available storage to put their belongings. The problem with having just dressers and no bed storage in a room is that people ten to just give their stuff a nice toss under their bed. Sure this makes their room appear clean, but it will make finding belongings a very tough process. In order to avoid a messy room, platform storage-beds encourage kids to put all of their stuff inside of a shelf; there is no quick sliding of toys under the bed.

These types of beds are not only perfect for children though, adults and teens can find great uses for them. Do you read a book before you go to bed? Well, if you do, platform storage beds provide perfect compartments for you to drop your book inside of each night so that you do not end up throwing it in a random place on your floor, or even worse: end up rolling on it. By using a well-built platform-storage-bed, you will be able to remember where you put things in your room because they will all be organized inside of your platform storage. The next time that you need to make an investment towards buying a new bed for your home, you should undoubtedly consider getting a platform storage style bed.

Elegant Rustic Pool Table Lights Designs

brilliant rustic pool table lights ideas

Pool Table Light For That Perfect Shot

If you are a billiards or pool enthusiast and would like to put up your own pool table in your house, then you must know how important a pool table light is. Amateurs and professionals alike are aware that good lighting while playing your favorite game greatly improves performance. One cannot just excel at pool when playing at a very poorly lighted setting.

The history of billiards is very rich and colorful. This game has been played by kings and commoners, world leaders, ladies, gentlemen and hustlers alike. It is a sport for everybody. It began from a lawn game similar to the croquet game played sometime during the 15th century in France and some parts of Northern Europe.

The sport was moved in the house to a wood table lined with green cloth to simulate the green grass. The word “billiard” came from the French term “billart” which means one of the wooden sticks or “bille” which means ball. Although the game is known as “The Noble Game of Billiards,” there are actually proofs that individuals from whatever status of life have tried the sport since its creation.

There are also evidence that pool table light or billiard light fixtures are as old as the game and the pool table itself. Meaning, since the beginning of the game, the importance of good table lighting has been given keen attention. This is one of the many reasons why should have good lighting system should you wish to put up a billiard club or put on table in your house.

One of the things that make good lighting really important to every game is that it sets the right mood. It motivates players’ strategy before starting the game. Pool table lights are actually produced and developed in a very distinct way from your normal hanging lights. These have different colored bulbs like fluorescent, blue and red-colored. They are either in independent casings or all in one frame.

Moreover, these come in two different types. The first one is an island type that includes a broad rectangular shape and the second type is an oblong-shaped design which hangs really low over the table. These patterns primarily permit sufficient lighting that would include the balls and all edges of the table. This provides you the opportunity to precisely aim and shoot the balls.

Bad illumination can lead to poor performance. There can be times that regular pool table light over or around the table may cast lights or dark areas that are deceptive. These could be reasons why you could not get that best shot. For prevention, an illumination that gives you concentrated lighting on the table directly above must be used.

Another advantage of getting a good pool table light is the fact that it boosts the beauty, quality and style of the environment. Good lighting makes a homemade billiard table more stunning, classy and stylish. If this sounds like what good lighting can do to an inexpensive table then imagine what it can do to a pool table where you have invested lots of money.

Incredible Square Coffee Table Designs

vintage style wooden square coffee table ideas

Three Special Types of Square Coffee Tables

Coffee tables comes in many different styles and shapes. Some of the common shapes are rectangular, round, square and oval. The tables are made either from wood or glass and some of them are incorporated with cabinets and racks for storage. The most classic and traditional type is the square shape table. The square shape table has many forms but the most common one is the large square type. This traditional table is practical in use but occupied a lot of space because of its large size. It is still by far the most popular type of table around. A lot of people still prefer the large square type table compared to the other type of shapes.

The Vogue coffee table is build based on the concept of dynamic contemporary design. It is considered as one of the most affordable tables around. It is modern and stylish, with cross X-shape legs and black rubber copper edges. The copper edges give the effect of cool and relaxing feeling. Another important feature is the transparent 7-8mm thick fine tempered glass table top. The whole design of the table is simple yet beautiful.

The black square glass table’s unique design originated from asymmetric figuring. The table has an aqua-look black slicked glasses that created 2 tiers of brilliant contrast lighting. Apart from that, each square glasses “floats” on a cross-sectional stainless steel frame. The black square glass table is generally small in size and not every furniture shop sells this type of furniture.

The Kyoto 4 tops square wood coffee table design is based on the concept of Japanese style by converting the mystique and traditional ambiance of former capital of Japan which is Kyoto.

The appearance of this elegant black square wood table is modern and simple. The most important feature of the square table is that it is very easy to be clean and store. This unique small table is able to create the ideal environment of your guest hall.

A suitable square coffee table is able to create an ideal environment of your guest hall and living lounge of your house or your office. Thus, it is very important that you find the correct table that matches the design and color of the surrounding environment.

Brilliant Designs of Astroturf Rug

awesome astroturf rug ideas - artificial grass carpet designs

All About Indoor-Outdoor Area Rugs

Style, durable, fun and affordable is all about Indoor and Outdoor area rugs of today that are in trend. They have been rebel for outdoor decor and they are ideal for your home’s “inner-self” as well! Today our choices are just not limited to gritty, weather beaten mats and tired old Astroturf squares for our patio or poolside area. Now options are available for dressing up your outdoor areas with panache or go for even more casual feel.

You can try a western theme for your barbecue, may be think about a patriotic feel for the fourth of July. Indoor and Outdoor area rugs come in a very huge variety of designs and they could be altered in a matte of moment. Whatever area rug design you choose, area rugs a versatile and add a nice touch for your outdoor living area.

Today’s indoor and outdoor area rugs are a get through concept. Imagine a area rug that’s functional, attractive, available in many sizes and could hold out the outdoor things, kids, pets and other indoor activities. Indoor and Outdoor area rugs could do just that and could be done in style. The variety that’s accessible would have you outfitting your complete house with these go anywhere floor coverings!

Area rugs for Indoor and outdoors are strong and versatile. These rugs are made to last for ever. They could take a thrashing from barbecue weekends, wind, rain and playtime. Most are constructed of extremely steady man-made materials only. They are as well fade and stain resistant, washable and have an almost indestructible surface, which is soft, still hard. They appear and feel like the kind of rug you would prefer using it in living room, so that your outdoor areas turn in to warm and inviting as well.

There are as well some classic bamboo rugs, made outdoor-ready with some particular treatments. The kiln-dried natural bamboo planks are cautiously wicker and edged with a heftier fabric than their indoor only counterparts. They are coated with a fade resistant and/or waterproof sealant, which improves the richness of the wood and makes these natural beauties worthy of your consideration. Indoor-outdoor bamboo rugs are good-looking anywhere and obtainable in a huge variety of shapes.

Stylish IKEA Platform Bed with Storage Ideas

natural wooden ikea platform bed with storage ideas

The Platform Bed With Storage – How to Be Practical and Have Oodles of Style

There was a time, not too long ago, when storage beds were fairly unattractive. Now the designers have got in gear and realised how many of us need extra storage and the current platform bed with storage designs are highly appealing.

Most platform beds are simple and contemporary designs. Although antiques are great, they do often require more space than we have; the furniture of previous years will quite frankly not fit into many apartments. However, having a small apartment does not mean that you need less clothes or have less stuff.

The platform bed with storage comes in two basic designs. The first is an update of the original storage bed. The mattress is held on a platform, and underneath there are drawers. These drawers will usually be wooden and will be on rollers to metal rollers to make them easy to move. If you are looking for storage for items which you need daily access to then this is the best design for you. However, before you buy make sure that you measure the area carefully and be certain that you will be able to access the drawers once the bed is in situ.

The newer design of bed, which has a greater ‘wow’ factor is the one where the mattress lifts. These are amazing beds. Basically the platform which holds the mattress is hinged at the head of the bed and you simply lift up the whole platform, mattress and all, and underneath is a huge storage area.

One of the great advantages of these storage beds is that the space underneath is so large and therefore a great way to store large, bulky items or things which you don’t want to get rid off, but you don’t uses regularly.

The lifting platform bed with storage will usually be a very streamlined design and will be very attractive. They are often sold with the memory foam mattresses, if you have stretch the budget to one of these then well worth it, but certainly not a necessity.

There is one thing worth mentioning about the lifting platform bed – it isn’t as heavy as you would think. Thanks to cleverly designed hinges this is actually a relatively easy to lift.

Although I cannot guarantee every platform bed with storage is amazing, I can assure you that the majority of these are great, stylish, contemporary designs which you will love and they are hugely practical, making them the perfect choice for any bedroom.

Attractive Square Rugs 7×7 Designs

brown unique square rugs 7x7 ideas

5 Places For Square Area Rugs In The Home

Among all the many shaped rugs, the square is the least common. Many of us opt for the usual rectangular, round and even oval rugs as we hesitate to use the square ones. This hesitation comes from not knowing where to place the square shaped rug in the home.

Most of us would think that we need a square room or area for such a rug shape but honestly, how many of us own a really square room? Not many. Anyway, using a square shaped rug only in a square room does limit your choices. Truth be told, this square shaped rug can be used in any shaped room. All you need is the right size. Still not sure? Fret no more, as the following are five places where you can use a square area rug to make your home more attractive.

The living room is one of the best places to use square area rugs. In the living room, this rug can be placed in the middle or slightly to one side, depending on the effect that you are going for. Flank the rug with your sofa and other chairs or armchairs and place a square coffee table on the rug. You will have a fantastic looking living room. For the living room, you can have wool, cotton, polypropylene, or even a square Flokati rug.

The dining room is another great location for a square area rug. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a square dining table. Actually a round dining table looks even more attractive on a square rug. You just need to pick out the right sized rug to accommodate the dining table and the chairs. Wool works great as it is easy to clean, in case of any spills.

The bedroom would also benefit from a square area rug. You can pick a more luxurious material such as silk and go for a square silk Persian rug. Or how about placing a plush Flokati rug in the bedroom? You can even have a large contemporary square area rug at the foot of your bed to project a more modern image.

In the kitchen, the square area rugs make their appearance in delightful country themes with motifs such as vegetables and fruits. Use these on your kitchen floors to make the kitchen more homely, while providing a comfortable surface to walk on.

Yet another great place for the square area rug is the outdoors. Place an outdoor area rug on your porch, or on your patio for a more comfortable place to hang out. Your outdoor spaces will look as comfortable as your indoor areas.

The above are just five suggestions for your square area rugs. Look around your home and you will surely find more places to use these square beauties.

Unique DIY Entryway Bench Ideas

DIY entryway bench wooden ideas with white painted metal legs

Entryway Benches – Why They’re a Must Have in Every Home

One of the easiest ways to leave a lasting, warm impression on first-time visitors to your home and to make those visitors feel welcome is to place an entryway bench just inside your main entryway. Not only do entryway benches create a warm and inviting atmosphere, they are also very beautiful and are practical pieces of furniture as well.

By incorporating the use of entryway benches into your entry hall you can offer visitors a comfortable place to sit while they are removing their winter layers of clothing or offer them a convenient storage space to keep their coats, hats and gloves. No more will you have to hunt throughout the rooms of your home or in spare closets for coats and hats that have been carelessly strewn about when you have a gorgeous entryway bench in which to store them.

And there are so many styles and finishes associated with entryway benches that you are sure to find that perfect bench to coordinate with your existing décor, whether your style is eclectic, country or formal. You can choose from popular styles such as Western, Cottage and Antique, just to name a few.

Take for instance the French Country hall bench manufactured by Powell. This beautiful entryway bench is constructed in the French Country design and features a weathered “linen” finish and a warm French Maple finished bench top. The bench flips up to reveal a storage chest and the back panel is adorned with a mirror and hooks which is perfect for hanging your favorite hat or scarf.

If you prefer something a little simpler in design, perhaps the Cottage Hall Bench, also crafted by Powell, would be more to your taste. This simple hall bench features a shutter back panel and open slat side panels with a “Black Sand through Terra Cotta Weathered Finish.” An added bonus with this beautiful entryway bench is the hidden storage under the bench seats.

If you like antiques and a more classic look, you will love the Antique Entryway Bench – Hall Tree. Available in both antique and cherry finishes, this gorgeous bench is exquisitely designed using sturdy wood and wood veneers.

You can even choose from upholstered hall benches like the Nostalgic Oak Cedar Hall Bench. This bench features a fully upholstered seat in a floral design and a self-rising storage tray. You can also customize upholstered hall benches by covering them with your own needlepoint or family heirloom fabrics.

And adding an entryway bench to your hall is very affordable. With benches ranging in price from $150 to $600, you are sure to find the bench that will perfectly match your personality, decorating style and budget. Just keep in mind that you do not need a grand or overstated bench to make your entryway truly spectacular. Even a simply designed wrought iron entryway bench will bring that added design element and feeling of warmth to the space in which you welcome your guests and give them the first glance into your home.

Wonderful White Armoire Wardrobe Ideas

vintage style white armoire wardrobe designs

A Wardrobe Armoire With Plenty of Space at a Fantastic Price

Seems like we never have enough space. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a bedroom, a guestroom, or a garage. So finally I got tired of it all and went looking for a wardrobe armoire. I started and ended my search on, and these are the 3 choices that I narrowed my search to.

If you need a wardrobe armoire for your children, the Junior Wardrobe With 3 Drawers will do very nicely. This armoire comes in black, white, or oak to match your current décor. The exterior of this furniture piece looks great (it is made from high quality laminate composite), and it is sturdy enough to get plenty of years out of it.

This wardrobe armoire opens nicely to reveal an amazing amount of space to hang pants, shirts, jackets, and coats. The 3 easy-opening drawers at the bottom allow you store socks, underwear, sheets, or just about anything else you would like. The exterior is 30″ wide, 60″ high, and a little over 20″ deep.

While this produce is made for you’re your kids’ bedroom, it is versatile enough to handle other settings. Someone bought it to place in their guestroom, and others placed it in their basement or garage for storing seasonal clothes. While there is some assembly required, customers talk like it just takes a few tools and a few minutes to put this armoire together.

Another great wardrobe armoire (especially if you like the look of natural wood) is the Composite Cherry Wood Wardrobe. While this piece also comes in white, I really like the natural cherry look and it worked great for my bedroom. I use it to hang my sweatshirts and keep books in the drawers. The manufacturer says that this would work fine as an entertainment center armoire, but I have not tried that.

What I especially like is the versatility of this storage armoire. It is about 31″ wide and 22″ deep, so you can easily hang plenty of clothes. But you don’t have to – it comes with a shelf that you can use instead of the hanging rod if you would like. The two double doors allow easy access to the interior. And the easy-sliding drawers with the nickel brush handles add to the high quality look.

Now the reason that I bought this wardrobe armoire was because of its price. It was normally listed for over $800, but I got it for a little over $200. I have absolutely no idea why it was marked down so much. I don’t know if it was a gimmick to get people like me to buy, but even if it was, I would say it is easily worth the money I paid.

If you want a wardrobe armoire for nothing but hanging clothes, take a look at this Elite 32 Inch Multi-use Wardrobe Cabinet. It has no drawers which means it offers more than 5 feet of hanging space. It is made of multi-density fiberboard. I have had one like this before, and it worked well for years. But I didn’t move it around a lot, and I didn’t use it everyday.

Terrific L Shaped Sofa Bed Ideas

modern L shaped sofa bed with storage designs

Corner Sofa Beds Blend Style and Function in Ultimate Package

Let’s face it: we all want great looking yet highly functional furniture. Without sacrificing on an elegant design and good looks yet at the same time buying a suitable sofa bed can be quite a difficult task. However, the traditional sofa bed isn’t as limited as you think when you consider a highly popular variation: the corner sofa bed. Its unique design helps it stand out in your living room and its surprise functionality is sure to be a treat for all owners with frequent guests.

These sofas are designed to fit in the corner of your room, which has a highly attractive attribute that it conserves space without cutting back on the functionality of a fold-out bed. While a traditional sofa bed can be placed along the wall or in the middle of a room, it is much more likely to bump into other furniture and generally get in your way. The corner sofa bed is an elegant solution to keep the usefulness of a pull-out sofa bed for confined living areas. Place it in the corner and it’s as out of the way as it gets. Since most furniture manufactured is not designed to for corner placement, the corner sofa bed is one of few useful pieces that provide sofa-sitting comfort along with extra bed capacity.

Corner sofa beds also offer a great solution to a studio or loft style room or apartment. In such living quarters, prospective furniture buyers usually seek out multi-function pieces like coffee tables that turn into writing desks or sofas that convert to beds. Ideal for such situations combined with a need to conserve floor space, the sofa bed designed to sit in the corner is a perfect remedy with several applications.

Don’t let the odd shape fool you, once you take a look at a corner sofa in a store or online and then picture it in your own home, you will absolutely fall in love with the styling. Modern technology today has also come a long way, with upgraded and level spring supports as well as ultra comfortable mattresses. There is no need to buy a lumpy thin mattress just for your sofa bed any more as today’s seat cushions pull double duty as the sleeping surface. About as comfortable, level, and supportive as modern mattresses on the market, the only thing you’ll need is some simple bed linens and a soft pillow. Again, you could easily reuse a decorative throw pillow for that if you are truly strapped for storage space.

Sofas have come a long way and during that time their form and functionality have evolved into today’s modern corner sofa bed. A blend of style demanded by today’s high living standards along with the same if not improved functionality as a guest bed make the modern sofa bed an easy and popular choice among prospective buyers. Add to the fact that many households nowadays are cutting back spending sometimes at the expense of downgrading home sizes and sometimes losing their guest bedrooms, the corner sofa bed becomes truly the easiest and cost effective solution to maintain the status quo as best as possible.