Excellent Modern Aquarium Designs

modern aquarium tanks

Where you place your aquarium will make a big difference to how much pleasure you get from it for a number of reasons. The amount of maintenance required is affected by sunlight. The fishes habits are altered by noise and vibration and a tank placed on an inappropriate stand is likely to leak or even crack. A little time considering the following points will ensure you get the maximum pleasure from your new aquarium.

Power supply.

The lighting, heating and filtration will all need a power supply so be sure to position your tank within easy reach of a power socket. It can be useful to use an extension lead as this can be moved out of the way when carrying out maintenance to avoid splashing water onto electrical equipment.


Your fish like a constant temperature and sudden variances in water temperature can cause them unnecessary stress. The tank heater will have a built in thermostat which you can use to create the ideal conditions for your fish. It is therefore, wise to avoid placing your tank too close to radiators or heaters which when turned on will cause sudden increases in temperature. Avoiding direct drafts will also aid maintaining a constant temperature.


Modern aquarium lighting systems reproduce the light conditions of your fishes natural habitat, providing sufficient light for good plant growth whilst enhancing the overall visual effect. I generally try to position my aquarium in a position without direct sunlight to avoid excessive algae growth and therefore reduce the need for cleaning. You may also find it preferable to have a timer for your lighting to recreate an automatic day/night routine for your tank.

Noise and vibration.

Avoid positioning your tank close to speakers, televisions or regularly used doors, all sounds will produce vibrations within the tank which your fish will be aware of. Excessive noise will cause your fish unnecessary stress and they will seek shelter behind rocks where you can’t appreciate their beauty.

Ease of access.

During routine maintenance, you will need working space, room to use a bucket into which you can remove water from your tank. Your tank should be on a stand that is high enough to allow the use of a syphon (base of tank at least 300mm from the floor) this will make cleaning debris from the gravel quick and easy.


Probably most important of all is to ensure whatever you place your tank on is strong enough for the job. It’s best to buy a purpose built fish tank stand/cabinet, not only will this provide the necessary stability but usually provides storage space beneath for food, equipment etc. If you do choose to use something other than a purpose built unit, consider that a 20gallon/90ltr aquarium weighs around 225lb/100kg when full, including gravel, rocks and any other decorative items. It is also essential that the surface is perfectly level to prevent the tank’s joints from leaking or even worse, the glass cracking.

And finally.

Be sure to place your tank in a location where you can really appreciate it, putting it in a rarely used room is kind of defeating the object. A well maintained aquarium makes an attractive centre piece to compliment any living space.

Enchanting Grey and White Backsplash Ideas

grey and white backsplash tiles

The elegance and beauty of every home’s kitchen depends on the style of construction, kitchen appliances, chimneys, basins and the polished floors and walls.

But use of kitchen backsplash tiles is a must to give a finishing touch. That will provide an added beauty to your kitchen. Moreover these tiles must be durable and ready to safeguard your sanitation values.


Your personal interior decorator may produce you a catalog of kitchen backsplash tiles to suite your choice. Well you can even search for more. Generally you will get a distinct range of colors for these tiles.

The most common are the oyster green, cobalt blue, vermilion black and grey shades. Go for the lemon yellow finish with a tinge of ochre. Also check out the whitish shades.

You can get thousand of colors with a unique polished finish. The colors mentioned above may not be available at all stores so always go for some uncommon one if you are lucky enough to find them. Basically it is seen that shades of black and white are most preferred.

You will need to get the common 4″ x 4″ square shape tiles. Whereas rectangular, hexagonal and loads of other shapes are also available. Smaller sizes are also available to compensate the remaining uncovered area.

Definitely ask for a complete range of shape and colors while planning to purchase your kitchen backsplash tiles.

Let’s decorate!

So when you have finished your shopping, get down to the task of fitting the tiles. You will be pleased to know that you can use your kitchen backsplash tiles for bathrooms, swimming pool surfaces also.

So you are never at a loss if you have got some more extra. However buy different colors and shapes to generate a variety with your kitchen backsplash tiles. You will be able to create your own designs and styles with them!

Cool Floating Shelf Decor Ideas

floating shelf ideas for kitchen

Before you can buy any floating shelving system, it’s a good idea to define the space and create a quick sketch up of your plans. With a tape measure, you can easily get some basic dimensions written down on paper to help you decide which materials will best suit your table decorations and other home décor. That way, when you get to the lumberyard, you can choose the right materials for your floating shelving system.

One of the biggest concerns with any floating shelving project is the main spine. Widths between spines shouldn’t reach over 36 inches. So for every three feet, you need to pick up another steel spine and the corresponding amount of clips for the shelving panels. Shelving that is going to support stereo equipment or other heavy table decorations, needs to have a support spine every 24 inches to prevent sagging in the shelves from heavy equipment.

Installing the Spines

The metal tracks or “spines” hold the floating shelving in place. These support structures carry a heavy weight that pulls hard at the top of the spine and pushes even harder into the bottom of the spine. That’s why spine support is crucial to getting the most out of your floating shelving system. A good backer board like a 2×4 or other deadwood is necessary behind any wall covering to support the load of most house decor. Sometimes a plywood veneer can be hung behind the floating shelving to allow the spine to gain purchase on a wall with little deadwood behind it.

Mark the top and the bottom of the shelving spines. Use a level to ensure they are balanced perfectly. If wall spaces tend to be un-leveled, you can easily adjust the shelving to match similar wall lines, so long as shelving isn’t too far out of level.

Shelving Materials

From wood to MDF to plastic to glass, materials for shelving in a floating shelf system are wide and varied as your home accessories and décor. As long as your floating shelf system has the right hardware to attach itself properly to the spine, you can hang just about any material as a shelf. Some clips are designed specifically for glass while other clips can be used in unison with wood, aluminum or steel. Always ensure you get the right connecting clips for your shelving materials. Now enjoy your new home accessory!

Charming Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

mahogany kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

Do you always dream of having a presentable kitchen with elegant style but you don’t know how to achieve this with minimal budget? Well, one thing you can buy to project this elegant style in your kitchen is a great set of kitchen cabinet. To help you more with this, here are some examples of kitchen cabinets that you can buy:

1. Black Kitchen Cabinets – black is elegant so having a touch of colour black in your kitchen will be great. This type of kitchen cabinet is perfect for any types of kitchen whether modern, classic, European or Venetian kitchens. Your kitchen will surely look extra posh and stylish with this cabinet so if you have friends always coming over to your kitchen, they will surely notice this great change.

2. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – this type of cabinet is perfect for Early American types of kitchen. This kitchen cabinet offers fabulous handcrafted look as if you are in a classic era or something because of the appearance of the woods and logs used however you can also install this Ready to Assemble kitchen storage in your modern kitchen to make a great and interesting combination.

3. Oldtowne White- white is still a universal choice for many homeowners but the great thing about Oldtowne white is that the colour white has more character. It is not plain white but instead it has effects that make it look elegant and sophisticated. Another great thing about this particular style is that it offers contemporary styling and lining which make it more suitable for contemporary type of kitchen.

4. Marquis Cinnamon – imagine waking up in the morning and going into a kitchen where you will immediately see cinnamon-inspired kitchen storage? This will definitely make your mornings more delicious and will keep you motivated to prepare breakfast and other menu for your family. This is also perfect for various types of kitchen so no worries about like “will this complement the colour of my walls?” “Will this keep balance and harmony in the whole kitchen” and other hesitations. Don’t worry because Marquis Cinnamon kitchen cabinet will be perfectly fine with various kitchen types.

5. Mahogany Maple – mahogany and maple are two materials that can create a wonderful product like this one. Now, you no longer need to rely on custom made products because with this RTA cabinet you can get a high quality material with lesser cost. Another great thing about this is that maple is a well known durable type of woods so you can surely expect to use this for long period of time. Durability and the fact that it is least expensive make this Mahogany Maple a very great buy for you.

By installing this furniture in your kitchen, you will surely achieve your goal of making this area elegant and of course presentable for you and your family and also the guests. This is where you make delicious foods so it is just right to maintain its aesthetic value as well.

Captivating High End Sofas Designs

high end sofas and chairs

Decorating a home is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new space. New furnishings can also revitalize an old space. Unfortunately, completely redoing a room can often cost a small fortune. It would obviously be ideal to walk into expensive home décor stores and pick out everything you want, but for many of us, that’s simply not a reality. Fortunately, you can still create a stylish space without spending tons of money. You simply need to know when to splurge on high end furniture and when to opt for less expensive pieces. Read on for some tips on which pieces are worth spending a little more on.


As the focal point and main seating area of your room, your sofa should come from a high-end furniture store. In your search for the perfect piece, look for high-quality materials like hardwood and hand-tied spring construction. Go for a classic style as opposed to something trendy, as you can reinvent your room multiple times with accessories and still keep the same sofa. Still not convinced that you should splurge? Keep in mind that a low-quality sofa could actually negatively affect your back health, and that a high-quality version lasts an average of 15 years longer than a lower-quality version.

Elegant Living Room Furniture Ideas

elegant leather living room furniture

The living room is the focal point of any home and if it is designed perfectly then it reflects its elegance to all other rooms. This is the room that we spend most of our time in terms of entertainment like TV and listening to music. This room is the visitor’s arena where we chat and entertain our guests so you have to plan the living room furniture in such a way that it compliments the living space and draws a lot of attention when compared to the other rooms. This kind of furniture will give that unique touch to your home.

There are many types of furniture that you can choose from that will blend with the living space design of your home such as sofas, chairs, coffee table, stools, cabinets etc.


The room becomes a livelier place if you use chairs instead of opting for sofas since this kind of living room furniture makes the room more spacious as it tends to occupy less space then sofas.


A sofa is a style of furniture that is intended for persons who would like to convert their room to a comfortable entertainment area. Indeed sofas are perfect furniture for enjoying TV, music or surround systems that give a person the utmost relaxation and at the same time perfect enjoyment simultaneously. Hence if you are a person craving for converting your room to enjoy the comfort, then sofa can be the best choice when it comes to your living room furniture.

Coffee table

Most living rooms won’t find the need for a coffee table as part of living room furniture since most of us don’t consider it important, but coffee tables do add their own personal touch to the living room since they make the space to look more elegant.

So whenever you are considering purchasing furniture you should pay attention to not only to the price but also about the flexibility of how it will fit into the living space. This is particularly important if you select a large sofa and coffee table for a room with limited space as this will cause space issues. The flexibility of the furniture with the living space inside your home has to be given prime importance so that your decisions will give you the comfort and aesthetics of your living space that you envisaged.

Awesome Blue and White Bathroom Ideas

blue and white bathroom tile ideas

Your bathroom is where you go to seek refuge. You visit it everyday to take a bath, to brush your teeth and do other things. In the same way, when you have guests, they have the tendency to see your bathroom. With this, it is only important that you give your bathroom a makeover and you can do this through selecting proper bathroom themes.

If you are wondering what bathroom themes are, these simply pertain to an idea that makes your bathroom design coherent. Let us say you take the ocean theme, you will probably use shades of blue and white in your bathroom. Of course, you may use ocean-related accents like fish and starfish designs. That is the basic idea.

Of course, the ocean theme has been used so much that a lot of bathrooms are designed that way. If you want a design that will amaze your friends, then you should take this time to research new bathroom themes. Luckily, we have some ideas for you.

Stick with the Classic

Even in this modern age, classic bathroom themes are still very popular. This pertains to minimalist themes mostly dominated by white. Of course, white can be blinding if used in excess. That is when the play of lights comes in. Position the lights wisely so the scene will exude a comforting feeling. Of course, it will always help if you choose curtains and towels that are coherent with your theme. Also choose wallpaper that creates a contrast in color.

Play with Water

Of course, blue is a common color used in bathrooms. But it can be attributed to its association with water. Blue bathroom themes will always remain popular no matter what happens. If you have a budget, you can leave the blue and add elements with water in them. A small fountain or an aquarium will look great in bathrooms. Paintings that also have water can make your bathroom look better.

Bright Colors are always a Plus

Of course, you have the choice to deviate from the normal blue and white bathroom themes. You can use bright colors to spice things up a bit. Add in a bit of orange and yellow and you are good. These themes usually work better for children’s bathrooms.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere

You may also opt for soothing colors. Of course, if you are aiming for a soothing bathroom, using studio lights will help you a lot. The usual colors used in these types of bathrooms are light brown and light orange. They work great with dimly lit lights. You can also enhance the look of this type of bathroom by including some lush bathroom carpets and curtains.

These are just some bathroom themes you can try. It does not take a lot for you to implement these designs. All you need to do is replace your wallpaper and bathroom details such as curtains, towels and carpet and you can instantly have a new bathroom. I hope these ideas have helped you find the right bathroom theme.

Best Bushes for Privacy

best bushes for privacy screen

If you’ve ever set out to build a privacy fence on your property, you know what an expensive hassle it can be. You have to dig holes that are two feet deep, mix and pour concrete, and nail countless boards together. Everything has to be level and in a straight line. Paying someone to do it will cost several thousand dollars. However, there’s a better way to get the same results through creative landscaping.

Privacy fences can be attractive when they’re brand new, but they need to be painted and sealed every few years. Boards will need to be replaced when they inevitably rot after being in contact with soil, sun, and rain. If you didn’t get that spacing just right, your fence will lean or fall over. Privacy hedges are a great alternative that add beauty and are good for the environment to boot. They add color and texture to the exterior of your home while simultaneously blocking your yard from view and muting unwanted noise.

There are many variations of hedges to consider as you think about the look you want for your space. Landscaping can determine the aesthetic of your yard, so you’ll want to decide if a more informal or formal look most desirable. For an informal privacy hedge, think about choosing bushes like the blue- or pink-flowered hydrangea or the striking rhododendron. For a more formal, trimmed hedge, consider the stately sweet bay or the lovely white-trimmed leaves of the evergreen euonymus. If you’re looking for something unique or unusual, bamboo may be an option for you. There are two kinds of bamboo: running and clumping. The running types fill in quickly but have to be contained so they don’t wander their way into your neighbor’s yard by accident, while the clumping variety grows slower and is more shrub-like.

For the maximum level of privacy, you’ll want to choose an evergreen shrub. Unlike the deciduous varieties, evergreens won’t drop their leaves in the winter. They afford lush privacy all year long. The blue holly will grow from 5-12 feet tall. It has glossy leaves, sprouts beautiful red berries, and grows in partial shade or full sun. You also may want to look at the Oregon grape. This bush has a little bit of everything. It grows 6 feet in height, sprouts small, yellow flowers, and produces an edible blue-black fruit. It loves full sun and can be trimmed into a formal hedge or left in its natural state.

Picking the right bush depends on where you live, the look you want for your yard, and the space you need to cover. Hedges come in all shapes and sizes, so you may want to reach out to a landscaping professional for advice. A professional can help you design the privacy hedge of your dreams and can help shape your living “fence” into neat shapes and incorporate the beautiful mix of colors best for you.

Astonishing Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

rustic laundry room decorating ideas

If you’re like most of us, you probably spend more time in the laundry room than you actually want to but you never really think about how you have it decorated or styled. In fact, the laundry room is probably one of the most used but most ignored places in the entire house. It just doesn’t occur to us that it can be decorated well, and made much more pretty, inviting, and enjoyable to use.

If you take a weekend and simply concentrate on updating your laundry room design style, you may find you’re not nearly as bored when you’re in there doing the chores.

Most laundry rooms look way too utilitarian. They’re drab, dull, and just plain uninviting. This makes decorating easy though, because just adding a touch of color to the room will dramatically change the entire look and feel.

Now you don’t want to paint all the walls a dark color of course, because if your laundry room is like most it’s small. And painting small rooms in dark colors will make them feel even smaller and more claustrophobic than usual. Dark colors will actually make your clothes seem more dingy and drab too, and that’s likely to make us depressed or annoyed.

So one of the best things you can do to spruce up both the look and feel of your laundry room is to add touches of light and bright colors. Try painting the trim in a soft yellow or pastel tone for example, or experiment with bright primary colors such as green and blue.

Amusing Decorating Christmas Ornaments

decorating plastic christmas ornaments

Paint and Christmas do go together and can create beautiful things from old items that would otherwise be thrown away. Learn how to change the look of your old Christmas items and give them new life and a new color. How often would you like to change the colors you use at the holidays but do not want to spend the money? It is easy with the use of paint to completely change the color and look of old Christmas items.

Spray paint is the answer here, it comes is wonderful colors and can be used for virtually any application. Christmas ornaments and garland and even Christmas trees can be transformed with a single can of spray paint.

Would you like to completely change the look and most importantly the color of Christmas this year? Now is the time and it is as easy as picking the new color and purchasing the exact color in spray paint. It is easy to find and easy to use.

Some examples of things I have transformed with new color. Say for example this year you would like to have copper color as the theme color for your Christmas decorations. Do you know that you can paint over any Christmas tree ornaments with paint? You can use spray paint or even the paints that come in 2 oz sizes at the craft stores. Don’t be afraid very few things are off limits.

I had a small tree that I wanted to have a big impact in one area of my home (I love Christmas and it shows). That year I had the color blue as my accent color throughout the house in my decorations. I took an amazing color of blue metallic spray paint and painted my small artificial Christmas tree. It was amazing; I sprayed the tips with spray glue and put the white iridescent snowflakes on the tips, adding small clear lights. I took some of my small ornaments and repainted them shades of blue and white. Taking others and painting them shiny silver. The only money spent was for the spray paint.

If you have plastic garland guess what there is spray paint that is specially made for plastic and works well to transform plastic garland to any color that you want this season. Wreathes that are not the color you want simply spray them with the color that works, it is as easy as that.

I often by ropes of accent garland from Halloween several days after, it is usually 90% off and in the color orange. Usually it is not my color, (I have been big into copper for a couple years), and so I just find the spray paint color that matches what I want. I spray the strands then I use them as accents in my arrangements, on the tree or in candle arrangements for the table or even I make beautiful wreaths out of them. The cost is under two dollars for yards of garland in my color.

The only limitation is your imagination; you can also use this technique on fresh greens from the yard. Have fun, keep the costs to a minimum and have a magnificent custom Christmas.