Modern Grey Dresser for Your Contemporary Home

modern grey dresser

Creating a clean design inside the house has been the go-to trend for many homeowners these days. Using modern pieces of furniture with a neutral color is quick and easy to match any kinds of room design and theme. For example, you can place a modern grey dresser or a hall tree right in the corner of your hallway or as soon as you enter the main door. You could use the space of the drawers from the dresser to keep your keys, important mails can be placed on it, and you can also hang your coats or jackets on the rack. The color gray can be the neutral color that is perfect for any size of house too as it won’t make the hallway to look cramped.

Modern Ventless Gas Fireplace Design Ideas

modern ventless gas fireplace

Compared to traditional fireplaces that take space, a chimney or a flue, installing a modern ventless gas fireplace to your home can be a good choice. If you have a limited budget in decorating your home, then using this kind of a fireplace might be a better option. They are also easier to install compared to a traditional fireplace. Browse through some Westchester fireplace designs online for your new source of heating. They are pretty updated with all their styles and designs with whatever type of budget that you have. You can install them in your bedroom, living room or even in your outdoor areas such as your patio or balcony to accompany you during a nice get together outside the house.

Beautify your Home with Modern Path Lights

modern path lights

In decorating your home, you will have to pay attention to not only the inside of the house but also the outdoor area too. If you think that your driveway is too dark and it might make people harder to get to your house, adding some modern path lights can be a nice solution for it. They are quite affordable and you will be able to install them yourself too. These lamps come in various sizes that you can choose from to fit nicely with your path or driveway. They also come with different color LED lamps that will create a nice ambiance for the outdoor of your home. If you have enough space though, there are ranges of fire pits design selections to choose from to decorate your outdoor area too.

Beauty and Functionality in Makeup Desk with Lighted Mirror

terrific makeup desk with lighted mirror design

It is usually a girl’s dream to have their own make up area inside their rooms, whether they have the budget to purchase it or to create it themselves. It is one of the most luxurious pieces of furniture that can be placed in the bedroom, to help them get ready especially if they are going out at night. A makeup desk with lighted mirror can spark up your bedroom and make you feel just like a Hollywood star while they are preparing for their shoot. It will definitely feel different compared doing your make up in the bathroom with a normal bathroom mirror. There are many design and style makeup desk ideas that you can apply to your bedroom to make your room even more alive, you only have to search for them online!

Using Rustic Curtains for Living Room

attractive rustic curtains for living room

Living in the middle of the city center doesn’t always mean that you can’t decorate your home to feel like you are living in the countryside. It depends on how you decorate the interior of your home that will determine the atmosphere and feel while you are inside it. Since the family room is one of the main rooms inside the house, you can start from there. Try big rustic curtains for your living room, for example. They are definitely a statement that can make the style of the room. Add some window valances above it, and you are set. Choose a matching style and design that will complement the whole look of your living room too.

Organize Your Living Room with Mid Century Modern Wall Shelves

brilliant mid century modern wall shelves ideas

Want to create a beautiful and organized living room, but you don’t have much space in it? You don’t have to worry too much, because you can easily use mid century modern wall shelves installed on the walls of your living room to organize your accessories, ornaments, and displays. You can display some of your collections for your guests to see, such as pictures, books, novels, magazines, etc. Having a matching design of wall shelf with the theme of the room can be perfect too. For a classic home theme, you can choose the natural brown wood color for your living room shelf.

How popular is Dutch Hip Roof?

excellent dutch hip roof design

To have roofing system on top of your house is something common to be done, but how about using a Dutch hip roof style instead of the common traditional style. It is actually quite popular to be done for many houses these days, especially because of its main advantage that could help the side walls of houses to last even longer. With the overhang on all sides for a hip roof definition, it can help to protect the walls of your home from rainwater, sunlight, and snow. The house will be kept warm during winter and during summer it will help to keep the house cooler. The slope of the design is also another unique appearance you can see from its overall design.

Classic yet Stylish Acadian Brick Look

acadian brick design

The Acadian brick house has a traditional and historical view. This type of brick will give a soft appearance and touch to a house. Brown, red, white, and yellow are some colors from this brick. It is very suitable for those of you who want to build a classic house. Even with the look that is worn-out already, it has its advantages. These bricks will be able to absorb heat from the sun and you’re your house faster. During winter though, it might absorb the cold faster too. With that in mind, you might want to install a fireplace inside your home to make the whole family feels warmer and cozier during the cold days of winter. To make your house looks even better, you can install a classic fence that matches the house.

Beautify Your Home with IKEA Sideboards and Buffets

ikea sideboards and buffets ideas

Too much scattered stuff in the house will make everyone uncomfortable when being in it because it will look messy. To overcome that problem, there must be sideboards and buffets by IKEA to arrange your scattered things and make the house looks clean and neat. You might think that it won’t have enough drawers, but you will be proven wrong. With all the drawers it comes with, it can be used to arrange various accessories and ornaments that you have. You can place these sideboards in different rooms such as living room, dining room, bedroom, and also the bathroom. You can arrange your things and make the room looks neat. Above it, you can place a TV stand too.

What’s Unique about Paloform Fire Pits?

paloform fire pits design

Make your house to become more comfortable during winter or when the air is too cold. Warm your body near the fireplace, and get the sense of comfort with your whole family. There are various kinds of fire pit that can be used, but the fire pits by Paloform will be able to make your house warmer than before also it will give modern touch for your room. You can place this fire pit in different rooms inside your house, such as living room, bedroom, until the bathroom. Don’t worry if you want to place it in the bathroom, because it is covered by anti-flammable glass that is perfect for children.