Incredible Koi Pond Design

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Before you begin with your Koi pond design plans make sure you have done the necessary background research. Talk to professionals that are experienced with building Koi ponds. Research the different types of materials and the necessary equipment you’ll need to keep your Koi healthy and happy.

If you fail to learn the basics to the proper pond requirements and equipment necessary for healthy Koi you not be happy in the long run, and sometimes not even in the present!

When you are ready to begin your Koi pond design the first thing you will need to determine is where you want to put your pond. When deciding on placement there are several things to take into account.

Brilliant Boys Bedroom Colours Ideas

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A number of factors go into deciding the right furniture pieces for a boy’s bedroom. Age, height, taste and interest are the determining factors that help to understand what a boy actually wants and what he prefers for his room. Unlike girls, boys prefer tough and bold look with attitude speaking for itself. If you are confused regarding what to choose for your little boy’s room, then you need to track down his real interests and work on that to please the little minds.

Attitude speaking for Boys Bedroom

When you are thinking of revamping the look of your boy’s bedroom, then the first thing that comes to mind is the wall colour. Pink and peach are a big no as far as a boy’s preferences are concerned. Blue, grey, deep green are some of the shades that boys love. Besides, they also love many posters on their walls and these posters have to be of their favourite stars. Make sure that you do a little research on their favourite players, actors and idols. Once you know it, it becomes easy to deck up their room with the endearing posters.

Do consider many sticky decorations, like using many stickers, which will add definition to their rooms. Choose stickers of various sizes and shapes and you will love to enjoy the spark in his eyes. Besides, the chairs, study tables, cupboards, should be designed in bold and sturdy shapes that boys simply love. Make sure that the kid’s furniture accurately complements your boy’s tastes.

Opt for funky lighting and choose a puzzling combination of lighting fixtures. Boys love anything that gives them a reason to think and solve. A themed room is all that your boy can want. Think of themes like soccer or golf. Deck up his room with traces of football and other games in his room and design the furniture reminding him of his favourite sports. In that case, you can choose some suitable colours or use his favourite team’s jersey logo and use it as a designing theme. A basketball court would do fine in his room and so make sure that you use one in his room.

Mirrors can be great accessories to a boy’s room. A cartoon silhouette on the mirror will add that extra punch to a boy’s bedroom and he will love what you have done with his room. Besides, you can think of special designs for kid’s furniture that actually speak of attitude. When you think of shelves, open shelves are the best think to consider. Boys like to feel independent from their very childhood and so you must design furniture keeping that in mind, so that they can use the structures with care without fault.

Beautiful Chandeliers Designs

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One of the big focal points that you notice when you first enter a beautiful and stately home is an elegant chandelier. It catches your eye and lets you know that thought has gone into the decor of this home. Modern chandeliers come in so many colors, styles, and designs that you can find one that suits your needs once you start looking around. It will grace any home with light and beauty.

It used to be that chandeliers were too expensive for the average person to buy. But prices have gone down, and you too can now afford a great chandelier for your home. Be sure to drive a hard bargain when you shop, because dealers want to sell you their wares. You’ll come home with a beautiful chandelier and money left in your wallet! The dealer will have made a sale, so everyone is happy.

Think creatively when you consider where to put your chandelier. Of course, the dining room is a popular choice. However, there’s the living room, the guest room, and the kitchen, as well as other rooms that would work well, too. A nice place is at the top of the stairs so that it catches the eye of everyone who enters your home.

Outdoor spaces, such as decks, porches, and gazebos are also nice and can provide lighting for use at all times of day and night. You want to put a chandelier anywhere that you need light. Light is a big part of your choice of course. If you have a multi-bulb chandelier, you’ll be able to adjust the level of lighting in that area with just a quick touch. That’s a big advantage for creating mood as well as for assuring light.

But don’t forget about the pizzaz it adds to your home. It will not only look good and add light, but it will add value to your home. Should you ever want to sell your home, a great chandelier that fits in with the design and decor should be a wonderful asset to any buyer and something to negotiate in the buying price.

Buy a beautiful chandelier and your friends and neighbors will comment on your taste. It’s a purchase you won’t regret.

Stylish High End Shower Curtains

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Modern shower curtains make it simple to find an accessory to build a theme around. Typically, the shower curtain is initially the most noticeable thing in the bathroom; as such modern shower curtains help make the first impression a soothing and ambient experience.

Obviously, people have a specific taste in mind when they are designing the theme of their bathroom. As the kitchen is the focal point of entertaining, the bathroom is the focal point of relaxation and comfort. As such, many people are very particular with the theme their bathroom partakes. Whether you consider a tropical island relaxing, or a modern spa, there are many options and accessories available to help achieve whatever it is you want.

As many modern homes are being constructed with the master bathroom showers having shower doors, or stonewalled open showers, the need for shower curtains may seem a thing of the past. However, this is not the case, and currently modern shower curtains are a popular way to jumpstart a theme in your bathroom.

Modern Shower Curtains – Styles
Modern shower curtains consist of many different pattern and design styles. Typically exhibiting a nice neat straight lined pattern with semi neutral colors, or patterns with different unique shapes in dark and rich colors. Occasionally you will come across unique designs, some of which are very artistic and amazing. However, with these, more intricate designs, the range of themes you can go with is greatly reduced as opposed to some of the more common mainstream patterns.

Striped Patterns
These pattern specific modern shower curtains usually consist of simple straight lined designs running parallel or crossing paths. Typically seen in various browns, grays, or rich gold colors, these complement a nice neutral based theme very well, giving a certain amount of ambiance to the space. These designs are generally the easiest to incorporate into a pre-existing theme due to their relative simplicity. However, despite that fact, they certainly do not offer any deduction of styling aspects to the space. These curtains are perfect for a space that is aimed at resembling an ambient spa like atmosphere; keen on relaxation and comfort.

Shape Patterns
These designs incorporate patterns with various shapes located in different positions over the surface of the curtain. These patterns are particularly popular in Europe, as they pose a much more in-depth contemporary style with their details than the more simple straight lined patterns. If you ever make a trip to European furniture stores; you will find a lot of the accessories exhibit these designs. As such, these patterns are at the forefront of the modern style, somewhat incorporating seemingly retro elements giving it an eye-popping appeal as an addition to any space.

Easy Styling
As with many smaller accessories, modern shower curtains are overlooked when it comes to helping shift the style of your bathroom. It is truly amazing how simply adding a shower curtain can change the entire flow of the space. Whats more is that typically you can find a nicely designed curtain for under $20. However, there are many upscale designs that can top $50, typically made of higher-end material or hand crafted. Whether you wish to go this route or not is up to you. Know however, that if you do opt for higher end curtains, you will generally find products that exhibit high-end and durable fabrics, as well as very intricate and eye-popping designs; so do not feel guilty for dropping the extra money should you decide you want to kick it up a notch.

There are many choices available, so if you are ready to change the theme of your bathroom, try thinking about the smaller accessories before the large ones to see if you can accomplish a specific desired look on a smaller budget!

Beautiful Dining Room Centerpiece Ideas

dining room centerpiece ideas

Did you know that a centerpiece can be a generic item that is not only used for events or a dinner party? Centerpieces give the dining room a more interesting and homely atmosphere. Plus it can add to the decor of the room.

Before starting with the decoration, you should decide on whether to use a tablecloth or runner. Many people will choose a runner to protect the wooden furnishing from scratching and staining plus it looks modern and elegant. The tablecloth and runner also does not need to match the curtains but if a carpet is present, make sure that the colour suits the carpet. Alternatively, you can use contrasting colours such as black and white, yellow and red, or perhaps purple and green.

Centerpieces can be more than just flowers and candles. They can also be a combination of decor items or something completely out of this world and abstract.

The item that will be used as the main focus should be in a different colour than that of the tablecloth or runner. Try to avoid blending the same colour decor items so that guests can actually see the distinctive decor elements. The only exception to this decor rule is the use of transparent glasses and vases.

A trend that is taking wedding venues by storm is the upside down wine glass containing an item of sentimental value and a candle placed on top. This centerpiece is placed on a dark plate that accentuates the glossiness of the wine glass. This should be done in sets of three for a wholesome look.

Filling a tumbler (a tall glass) halfway with beads in the colour of your choice might seem generic. So try topping the bead filled glass with water and placing three of these tumblers on a reflective plate. This is a simple yet gorgeous centerpiece that won’t take too much effort to construct.

Sometimes people travel to different parts of the world and tend to buy souvenirs such as a bottle of local gem stones. However, when you get home you realise that you don’t have any use for these gem stones. Filling small mason jars with either a specific type of stone or mixing them could give the room a rustic appearance. You can either top the jar up with water or place a tea candle on top of the gems.

Modern furniture can be an artistic piece on its own but adding interesting centerpieces with a personal touch will give your house that homely touch.

Brilliant Cabinet Storage Ideas

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It’s no secret that when it comes to clutter in the home, the kitchen can often be the worst offender. From unkempt spice racks to disorganized cabinets, adequate kitchen space is often a rarity in any busy family’s life.

Extra cabinet storage can transform your kitchen into an organized space for you and your family to relax after a hectic day.

These cabinet storage ideas for a clutter-free kitchen will show you that you don’t need a bigger kitchen for more storage…

You just need a few tricks up your sleeve!

• Maximize your cabinet storage space by installing rotating carousel units – great for those corner cabinets! – or pull-out trays within your existing cabinets. Pull-out trays give you an extra dimension of space within your kitchen cabinets, not to mention that they make finding things a lot easier!

• Your cabinet doors are surprisingly useful for creating extra kitchen space. For example, you could install hooks or rails on the underside of your cabinets for those extra dishes and towels, leaving your kitchen with a visually interesting look that’s currently in high demand.

• Put away plates with ease with open shelving, a great way to add color and personality to your kitchen.

• Add visual depth and interest with pull out wicker baskets or inside the cabinet pull out wire baskets.

• Make clean up a breeze with pull out trash and recycling bins.

• Use dividers for cutlery compartments, spice drawers and utensil drawers.

• Find the space to add a pantry to your existing kitchen plan.

When adding extra storage space to your kitchen keep an element of continuity to your kitchen. A professional kitchen designer can help you select the perfect cabinet storage items to give your home a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance!

Best Master Bedroom Colors

best master bedroom colors 2018

Your bedroom is not just another room in your hose. It is a sanctuary where you rest, unwind and relax. The décor of your bedroom should match the purpose it is meant to serve. Here is some master bedroom decorating ideas to help spruce up your bedroom.

When it comes to master bedroom decorating ideas, the rule is to stick to understated, calming decor. If you like having sofa sets and arm chairs in your master bedroom, make sure they match the decor of your room. Go in for heavy, plush furniture and carpets. Besides adding a touch of elegance, such furniture also helps mute noise. The furniture should be cozy and comfortable, ideal for conversation and reading.

If you prefer to sleep in darkness, make sure you put up shades in the windows. Heavy draperies also help create a dark and cool environment in the bedroom. If you enjoy reading at bedtime, it would be a good idea to install reading lights on the wall. You can also place lampshades on either side of the bed.

Your bed is the centerpiece of the master bed room and affects the decor of the room to a great extent. Neutral toned duvets or coverlets are the best choice since they match with just about any other accessory but colorful ones are alright too. Fold back colored duvets to expose solid white or pastel sheets. This gives an inviting appearance to the bed. You ca either opt to have several pillows or go in for a single long pillow. Change pillow cases every now and then to give your room a new look.

An armoire or chest of drawers can accentuate the coziness of a room if positioned properly. It also provides good storage space and helps reduce clutter.

A couple of rugs thrown around add to the warm, inviting aura of the master bedroom. Again this depends on the flooring you have. Rugs work well on carpeted and hardwood flooring.

Personalize your bedroom with family photographs or even a display of things you cherish from your childhood or college days.

Green plants are a welcome addition to the bedroom because they lend an element of nature to the room. Use spotlights or white lights to highlight their presence. You can also place fresh flowers in a vase. This lends fragrance and beauty to your room.

These master bedroom decorating ideas are just a few of the many aspects of bedroom decor. You will get more ideas as you start working.

Cozy Attic Bathroom Designs

attic bathroom layout

Install shelving in niches beneath sloping walls and create a luxurious feel with a walk-in wet room style shower and a large freestanding bath. A delicate colour scheme helps soften the angular lines of the room and a window seat with cupboards below is both comfortable and practical.


o A console table or a simple chest of drawers can be adapted to make an excellent alternative to expensive fitted units and create a stylish integrated look.

o A wet room style shower will increase the sense of space within the room, while a specially made storage unit below a window can double as seating.

o Draw up a detailed plan of the room, and consider each corner carefully. For example, can you fit a shower under one of the eaves?

o Consult a good bathroom supplier for advice on creating a wet room.

o Paint walls and pieces of furniture in pale colours to give the room a light, spacious feel.

o All wood used in a bathroom should be oiled to protect it against water. Choose wooden flooring that has been engineered for use in a bathroom.

o Use different materials, such as wood and stone, to create gentle divisions in the room.

o Make removable covers for all soft furnishings so that they can be easily washed.

o Use acrylic eggshell or a specially formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base which is impervious to water and can be wiped down.

Chic Yellow and Grey Bedroom Ideas

yellow and grey bedroom ideas

When renovating your homes especially your bedrooms, using the right shade of paint is very important. Bedrooms are the most crucial part of the house because we spend one third of the day sleeping in them also spend considerable amount of intimate time with ourselves or with our loved ones.

Colours play a huge part of it as psychology studies have shown that man reacts strongly to colours used, but there are of course no hard and fast rules about them.

Red, for instance, is not an advisable colour for bedrooms as it is an intense strong hue that may cause you to not sleep well at night.

Black on the other hand is too sombre for your bedroom walls.

There is a misconception that bright hues are the best because it perks you up and energises you. Well, bright colours are perfect for offices, for dining rooms and more so for living spaces but a bedroom is where you reside after a long day at work to simply rest and rejuvenate yourself.

The best recommendations for the colour of your bedroom would be in earthy tones like brown, cream, beige, khaki and even neutral tones like white and grey. These colours are the most soothing to the eye and they evoke a sense of comfort and it’s almost like the colour of nature. We all love to take a walk in the nature as it gives us a feeling of calm and tranquility and natural colours does the same for you if you do not have the privilege or the time to head outdoors.

To make a dark and gloomy bedroom bright, you need not necessarily have to use bright hues like yellow, lime green or orange. Give the walls a white washed look and instantly, it will perk up the bedroom. White gives off a clean, uncluttering feel and it is so easy to match your furniture. It is a neutral and the most commonly used base colour for walls.

If you think white only makes it bright but plain, consider adding in some minor renovation like multiple use fixtures into your bedroom interior. For example, getting a customized bed fixture that can be lifted and closed up against the wall to save space, or simply have drawers acting as storage space in your bed frame under your bed.

Consider a minor renovation, as interior design solutions are simple yet effective ways to help you and it need not cost a bomb if you do some research and know what you want. It is after all a one time cost but you save up so much space and money in the long run.

Best White Country Kitchen Designs

white country kitchen ideas

A white country kitchen is a bright and cheerful place. It has character, but at the same time it’s very neutral. You won’t have a lot of accessories in this kind of these design which is choose a little bit unusual for a country theme. This is a little bit more streamlined and contemporary. Here are a few tips for decorating a white country kitchen.

Make country accessories sophisticated just by keeping them all the same color. You don’t have to have a lot of old signs and tin cans in the room. Instead, focus on pieces that are beautiful and functional. You can collect a lot of white ceramic jars or plates to be displayed on the china hutch. This won’t be cluttered because all of the items will relate to each other. Be aware that you’ll really only need one collection per room so that your favorite items really get the focus.

Make your white cabinets interesting. You might be able to find a lot of architectural details that you could glue onto doors or use as molding. You can turn an old window frame into artwork. This can really spice up basic white cabinets and also helps you continue the neutral theme throughout your room. Another option would be to install lighting. Under cabinet lighting is great for task lighting and at the same time it really helps brighten things up. This way your basic white cabinetry will look sophisticated and elegant.

Go high end. A white country kitchen can still have high end elements like a marble countertop which will be fantastic for baking. You can intersperse this with cheaper white tile flooring. This allows you to really get the materials that you love the most and save money at the same time. Having a few luxurious elements will make your entire room feel high and. They can be the focal point of your space.

Find ways to hide modern conveniences. You could add cabinet doors to your appliances or go with a very high end finish. Another option would be just to go with white appliances. These are cheap and basic but it will really blend in. You don’t want modern conveniences to be the focal point of your room. Instead the focus should be on beautiful rustic elements that will really bring in a farmhouse feeling.

Add in a natural countertop. This is an easy way to get a rustic feeling in your room. Butcher block countertops are one of the least expensive countertops out there. It will bring a little bit of color to your space but at the same time it will still be neutral. Be aware that these do require a lot of care and you can’t just cut on top of them the way you would a stone countertop. However it can add a lot of charm and character to your kitchen if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work.