Popular Children’s Art Table Designs

children's art table with paper roll

Purchasing a children’s art table is an excellent way to encourage the artistic abilities of your child as well as hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. For $20 one can purchase a table-top easel and a beginner’s set of watercolors for a child. With this simple set-up, one’s child can start the process of learning self-expression. Public schooling concentrates on cognitive skills that train the brain’s left hemisphere, the logical side of the brain. Concentration on math, science, and reading strengthens the analytical side of the brain, but without also spending a balanced amount of time on the arts and creativity, the right brain lags behind. Many studies have shown that even when solving analytical problems both sides of the brain are involved. If either hemisphere is neglected, the whole brain and one’s ability to solve problems will be hampered.

In addition to developing the right side of the brain, art can help a child learn to express herself. She often can illustrate feelings with paint or crayons in a picture that she doesn’t have the words to explain. By talking with one’s child about the picture one can then help teach her the words to use and reinforce the skill of expressing one’s feelings in a constructive way.

Setting up a kids art table and encouraging one’s child to draw, color, and paint is an excellent way to discover a child’s native artistic talent. It also allows the child to learn what kinds of artistic endeavors she most enjoys. If she has artistic talent and does not excel in the left-brained activities in school, this can enhance her self-esteem and self-confidence by allowing her to succeed in an area other than school.

A kids art table will facilitate one’s endeavor to stimulate the child’s creative side of the brain. An excellent choice is a model that has an adjustable top that can be set up as a nearly vertical easel or a flat table plus any angle in between. One can purchase such a table for about $100. Some manufacturers include storage for paint sets, crayons, paper, and other art supplies, making the kids art table a complete art center. Some tables mount a roll of paper so that one has a virtually endless supply of paper that the child can easily handle by herself. More expensive models have been designed for use by two or more children at the same time. These can be good choices if one has more than one child. Such a table can also facilitate the child’s play and cooperation with a friend.

Aside from the practical side, the tables also are designed in a variety of styles to compliment many different décors. An obvious and excellent choice is to purchase a kids art table that goes with the kids table and chairs. By having the two tables near to each other, one immediately enhances the utility of both since by adjusting the art table to be flat, the two tables can be pushed together to make a large surface for several children to play, draw, or paint together. Such an arrangement can help the kids learn to cooperate and collaborate by working together on a larger project than any single child might tackle alone. These social skills are becoming ever more important and by giving one’s child a head start at developing these skills, one is also giving them an edge in life.

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