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portable file cabinet designs

Choosing a File Box

Are you finding that you have a mountain of documents lying in various places in your home or office? If so, you’ll most likely trying to work out some way of neatly storing and organization all this. Have you ever considered file boxes? Simply put, they can be a very effective storage solution as well as for organization purposes. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the common scenarios that you can make use of file storage boxes and point out the appropriate types for each situation.

If you intend to move houses, you would need to safely store away each item before transporting them. Files and paperwork are no different. You could leave them in their cabinets, but this is not recommended as the cabinets are generally not designed to hold contents while being transported and doing so could likely damage the files and your cabinet. Instead, consider placing the files in plastic storage file boxes. These boxes have folder rails ideal for hanging files and they have snap lock lids, which secures them from accidentally falling out during the move. The large plastic file boxes aren’t just suitable for temporary storage. They can be used for archiving documents as well. You can safely stack them up in the garage for long term safekeeping.

If you have a certain group of documents that you know you’ll be referring to often and hence want to keep them easily accessible in your office as well as well organized, then a desktop file box is recommended. They can be fairly compact so they won’t take too much space on your work desk. Again, these have rails for you to hang files in a vertical position so flipping through them and finding the one you want won’t be difficult at all.

Do you travel a lot for work purposes and perhaps you need to bring a bunch of paperwork each time? Perhaps you are a corporate lawyer? There are portable file boxes designed just for this very scenario. You can get a compact plastic file box which has a lid that locks tight via a snap on buckle. Additionally, on top of the lid, there is a handle so you can easily carry the box around in one hand. Another variety of file box is non-rigid and is more akin to a reusable nylon grocery shopping bag. The handle in this case is long such that it allows you to sling it over your shoulder if that is your preference for carrying documents.

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