Glamorous Purple Bathroom Ideas

modern purple bathroom ideas

How to Choose Your Bathroom Paint

There is nothing like a stint in the bathroom to make you feel refreshed, reorganized and distressed. The fact is, the bathroom is the only place that you can be alone with your thoughts. As such, it should look perfect in every way, from the bathroom fixtures down to the bathroom paint colors that you will choose. Here are tips to help you put together a great color scheme for your bathroom:

Tip No. 1: If you don’t want to totally revamp your existing bathroom, it is advisable that you choose existing colors for your bathroom paint colors or choose colors that complement these. Look at all fixtures such as cabinets and tiles for inspiration.

Tip No. 2: If you want your bathroom to be a safe retreat and a place to de-stress, it is best to choose a color scheme that is soothing to the eyes. Cool blues, greens and light purple are great colors to start with.

Tip No. 3: On the other hand, if you want a livelier look and feel to your bathroom, you can also opt for warmer colors such as gold, royal blue, a brighter shade of purple and burgundy.

Tip No. 4: Some homeowners want a vibrant, warm feel for the entire house, including the bathroom. To achieve this look and feel, you can use the primary colors of blue, yellow and read, or mix them together to make a bright color palette to jazz up your bathroom with.

Tip No. 5: Earth colors are, on the other hand, a safe color scheme for every bathroom. You can up the ante by adding a touch of sophistication to your earth colors. Use the neutral hues of brown and cream for your bathroom paint colors. Accentuate with colorful bath accessories like live plants, colorful towels and other pieces of decoration.

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