Simple Rustic Kitchen Cart Designs

rustic kitchen cart with wheels ideas

Kitchen Carts – Selecting The Right One For You

If you want to get in on the trend of using kitchen carts in your kitchen, you need to know about all the variety of kitchen carts that are on the market. No longer are you limited to a cart with a top and one shelf underneath. Those old-fashioned kitchen carts have been revamped in a number of styles and designs that will fit your specific entertaining needs. Whether it is in the kitchen, or as a serving assistant, there are a wide variety of kitchen carts out there.

The first of the kitchen carts are designed to be helpful in the kitchen only. If you spend a lot of time preparing meals and need a little extra space for that meal prep, there are a kitchen carts that will give you the space you need. If you are prone to a lot of chopping, some come with a partial butcher’s block surface that is ready for the knife; others have granite surfaces that will give you a perfect place to roll out dough, without it sticking to the surface. Yet others come with a stainless steel top that is good for all service food preparation and easy to clean afterwards.

Additionally, there are some extra features these may come with that you will appreciate. Some models have built in paper towel racks that make it easier to clean up as you go. If you prefer cloth towels, there are some kitchen carts that come with built in towel racks so you can wipe your hands as often as you need to. Others have built-in knife holders to keep those cutting blades out of harms way when you are not using them. Another nice touch is a spice rack, so you can have your favorite herbs at hand as you are adding the final flavorful touches to your meal. A major concern about kitchen carts being used for food preparation is what if you happen to nudge it a little too much while kneading the dough? Is it going to go rolling across the kitchen? If you look for kitchen carts with locking casters, that is not a problem.

While their name implies kitchen carts should be in the kitchen, there are also some kinds of kitchen carts that will better serve you if they get out of the kitchen and help you entertain. Some of the unique specialty kitchen carts include wine rack kitchen carts that have a counter top for pouring and may even have a built in cheese serving tray that can be chilled before hand, then placed in the top to offer cheese pairings with the wines that are being held in rack below, keeping all the best vintages close at hand. Other kitchen carts are constructed in such a way that they will help you create a romantic breakfast. You can load all the meal items onto the kitchen carts, roll into the bedroom, and then pop up the side leafs to create a perfect breakfast bedside tabletop.

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