Incredible Square Coffee Table Designs

vintage style wooden square coffee table ideas

Three Special Types of Square Coffee Tables

Coffee tables comes in many different styles and shapes. Some of the common shapes are rectangular, round, square and oval. The tables are made either from wood or glass and some of them are incorporated with cabinets and racks for storage. The most classic and traditional type is the square shape table. The square shape table has many forms but the most common one is the large square type. This traditional table is practical in use but occupied a lot of space because of its large size. It is still by far the most popular type of table around. A lot of people still prefer the large square type table compared to the other type of shapes.

The Vogue coffee table is build based on the concept of dynamic contemporary design. It is considered as one of the most affordable tables around. It is modern and stylish, with cross X-shape legs and black rubber copper edges. The copper edges give the effect of cool and relaxing feeling. Another important feature is the transparent 7-8mm thick fine tempered glass table top. The whole design of the table is simple yet beautiful.

The black square glass table’s unique design originated from asymmetric figuring. The table has an aqua-look black slicked glasses that created 2 tiers of brilliant contrast lighting. Apart from that, each square glasses “floats” on a cross-sectional stainless steel frame. The black square glass table is generally small in size and not every furniture shop sells this type of furniture.

The Kyoto 4 tops square wood coffee table design is based on the concept of Japanese style by converting the mystique and traditional ambiance of former capital of Japan which is Kyoto.

The appearance of this elegant black square wood table is modern and simple. The most important feature of the square table is that it is very easy to be clean and store. This unique small table is able to create the ideal environment of your guest hall.

A suitable square coffee table is able to create an ideal environment of your guest hall and living lounge of your house or your office. Thus, it is very important that you find the correct table that matches the design and color of the surrounding environment.

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