Surprising Square Pedestal Table Designs

square pedestal table diy

Pedestal tables are great furniture pieces to have in any home. This is due to their design which is different from the conventional table. This has eliminated the little inconvenience presented by conventional table legs. With a pedestal dining table, you do not need to get worked up on how to fix your chairs around the table.

There are several ways in which pedestal tables can be used. A common way is as dining room tables. Here, they can be the only dining furniture or the “spare one”. They can also be used as patio tables for those times when you want to relax outdoors. Another way is to place them in the kitchen so that you can have a place to sit and perhaps, take a drink with a friend while waiting for the food to get cooked.

Just like any other furniture, pedestal tables are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs, makes and colors. Thus, you cannot go to the furniture store and just pick any one that tickles your fancy. No, choosing the right one requires that you consider all the available selections, appraising them in the light of your specific needs before making a decision. I believe you are interested in getting furniture that will last you for a long time, so be sure to make the right choice. The following will guide you in choosing rightly:

Size and shape of the room: This will steer you in selecting the appropriate size of table that will suit your house. If the room for your pedestal table is smallish, a compact dining table is the way to go; a larger room allows you more flexibility. Also the shape of the room will help you in deciding if you should go for rectangular, square or round pedestal table.

Material of the table: The material from which your table is an important consideration. Glass topped pedestal tables are trendy but require extra care than you’d show to a wooden one for example. Wooden tables are more durable and can endure rougher handling. Thus they are good choices for families that have kids. Wrought iron pedestal tables are also available although they are less popular.

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