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5 Places For Square Area Rugs In The Home

Among all the many shaped rugs, the square is the least common. Many of us opt for the usual rectangular, round and even oval rugs as we hesitate to use the square ones. This hesitation comes from not knowing where to place the square shaped rug in the home.

Most of us would think that we need a square room or area for such a rug shape but honestly, how many of us own a really square room? Not many. Anyway, using a square shaped rug only in a square room does limit your choices. Truth be told, this square shaped rug can be used in any shaped room. All you need is the right size. Still not sure? Fret no more, as the following are five places where you can use a square area rug to make your home more attractive.

The living room is one of the best places to use square area rugs. In the living room, this rug can be placed in the middle or slightly to one side, depending on the effect that you are going for. Flank the rug with your sofa and other chairs or armchairs and place a square coffee table on the rug. You will have a fantastic looking living room. For the living room, you can have wool, cotton, polypropylene, or even a square Flokati rug.

The dining room is another great location for a square area rug. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a square dining table. Actually a round dining table looks even more attractive on a square rug. You just need to pick out the right sized rug to accommodate the dining table and the chairs. Wool works great as it is easy to clean, in case of any spills.

The bedroom would also benefit from a square area rug. You can pick a more luxurious material such as silk and go for a square silk Persian rug. Or how about placing a plush Flokati rug in the bedroom? You can even have a large contemporary square area rug at the foot of your bed to project a more modern image.

In the kitchen, the square area rugs make their appearance in delightful country themes with motifs such as vegetables and fruits. Use these on your kitchen floors to make the kitchen more homely, while providing a comfortable surface to walk on.

Yet another great place for the square area rug is the outdoors. Place an outdoor area rug on your porch, or on your patio for a more comfortable place to hang out. Your outdoor spaces will look as comfortable as your indoor areas.

The above are just five suggestions for your square area rugs. Look around your home and you will surely find more places to use these square beauties.

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