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Beware These Issues With A Stainless Steel Backsplash

The first thing a consumer should be aware of when looking online to buy any stainless steel backsplash product, is the customer reviews or lack thereof. Unless you are buying a recommended product from the same company your friend did, you will have to rely on customer reviews. Customer reviews can be a bit tricky to decipher. There are the types of reviews that simply describe what someone thinks of the product, although they never actually purchased it, and then there are legitimate reviews from real customers.

Summary reviews can be spotted by the conspicuous lack of the word I. This article is a prime example of this. Not that you should be suspicious of this articles style; it’s not trying to sell you something. You will read through this entire piece and never hear the author refer to themself in the first person. Did you catch that? If you don’t see the humor in that sentence, please read and repeat as necessary until the irony washes over you, only then will you be able to quickly distinguish between a summary review and a true opinion piece.

Now that you can navigate the rapids of reviewing 101, it’s time to rattle some stainless steel bones. The most common complaints for stainless steel backsplash sheets and tiles are:

• Poor shipping – Product is poorly packaged and arrives with bent corners.

• Missing parts – Some products don’t include necessary items like stainless steel screws, read the product description carefully!

• Difficult assembly – It seems the glue doesn’t always cover and some parts require cutting and filing to fit properly.

You may think it’s a little surprising that there was not one complaint about the price. This only goes to show that customers really understand the value of stainless steel and only feel upset when the product doesn’t come in its new condition or it becomes difficult to install. Many high priced items get dozens of complaints on price versus quality but stainless steel stays squeaky clean.

One last bash on the magic metal is in order to train a fully informed consumer. It may say stainless in the title but it can and does stain in real life, albeit it’s harder to befoul than most, but if it is left in non-sparkling condition for too long, spots and rings can form and it is fairly easy to scratch to boot, which is not so great for a highly polished look.

Overall a stainless steel backsplash will not only do their job, they do it with style and conviction.

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