Terrific Distressed Wood Dresser Designs

popular distressed wood dressers for bedroom

Distressed furniture pieces are available in the market under two categories of the artificial furnishings and the natural furnishings. The pieces that are naturally distressed come under the category of antiques and are more expensive. The artificially processed items get their look by artificial methods such as hitting with hammers, chains, etc., and are less costly and more affordable than natural ones. You can find a word “shabby chic’ if you surf websites that refers to items that are painted white or cream.

There are a number of such items available for all rooms including distressed beds dressers, armoires, etc. As I had done sufficient research on the Internet, and got acquainted with a few items, it was time to select the items for my flat. My wife and me decided to get a pair of distressed beds for two rooms. I approached a close by store that was known to have quality items. I found one of the bed piece very attractive and eye-catching. I decided to make this bed the central piece of the room surrounded by some other furniture items.

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