Enchanting Wall Mounted Plant Holder Designs

unique wall mounted plant holder ideas

Pot Holders Can Make Life a Lot Easier

While there are various types of pot holders, different in use, design and use, they all have one thing in common. They are protectors. In the kitchen, they stop your surfaces becoming stained and in living room, they provide ample protective items to stop water from seeping into the shelf or window ledge. For gardeners as well they play an important part in their hobby. Plants cannot always go straight into the ground and need the protection of pot-holding device to allow them to develop. Roots can grow and not be in direct contact with the elements or any of the various little organisms living in the ground.

There have been potholders in kitchens all across the country for as long as we can remember. Not only practical items, they can add a bit of color and brightness. They do not cost much, and yet they can be worth their weight in gold. Store bought or home-made we all find that we need them. As they are cheap, they can be bought in pairs or more and placed in various places around the kitchen, not only where you would normally place the pans. The number of times they have come to the rescue when a pan is being moved from the stove and turns out to be heavier than originally thought, and luckily you have been prepared and are able to place it down right away.

This is a small price to pay for the money would you save and convenience you would have. Plant pots are not attractive items in any way shape or form. Normally plastic and in one or two boring colors, they would not encourage you to grow plants and put them around the house. Pot holders are necessary for the beginning of the plants life, but their use does have a very limited timescale. They would detract for the decor rather than your intension of adding to it.

With these items, you can cover this fact and have the design that you want. In the garden they are again attractive as well as functional. The plant pot issue is the same outside to an extent although here they could be buried in the ground. This would severely limit your garden display and change the way so many gardens are designed. They are versatile and long lasting, brightening gardens in almost the same way the flowers do.

Very few homes nowadays would be without these products, and yet if you asked most people what items they used most or found most beneficial to them, very few would actually say the pot holders. They can all be as plain or decorative as you want and they are things that do not diminish with age. They can be sentimental reminders of people no longer with us, and especially in the kitchen, they can bring back pleasant memories of our families and childhood in a way that utensils never could.

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