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A Wardrobe Armoire With Plenty of Space at a Fantastic Price

Seems like we never have enough space. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a bedroom, a guestroom, or a garage. So finally I got tired of it all and went looking for a wardrobe armoire. I started and ended my search on Amazon.com, and these are the 3 choices that I narrowed my search to.

If you need a wardrobe armoire for your children, the Junior Wardrobe With 3 Drawers will do very nicely. This armoire comes in black, white, or oak to match your current décor. The exterior of this furniture piece looks great (it is made from high quality laminate composite), and it is sturdy enough to get plenty of years out of it.

This wardrobe armoire opens nicely to reveal an amazing amount of space to hang pants, shirts, jackets, and coats. The 3 easy-opening drawers at the bottom allow you store socks, underwear, sheets, or just about anything else you would like. The exterior is 30″ wide, 60″ high, and a little over 20″ deep.

While this produce is made for you’re your kids’ bedroom, it is versatile enough to handle other settings. Someone bought it to place in their guestroom, and others placed it in their basement or garage for storing seasonal clothes. While there is some assembly required, customers talk like it just takes a few tools and a few minutes to put this armoire together.

Another great wardrobe armoire (especially if you like the look of natural wood) is the Composite Cherry Wood Wardrobe. While this piece also comes in white, I really like the natural cherry look and it worked great for my bedroom. I use it to hang my sweatshirts and keep books in the drawers. The manufacturer says that this would work fine as an entertainment center armoire, but I have not tried that.

What I especially like is the versatility of this storage armoire. It is about 31″ wide and 22″ deep, so you can easily hang plenty of clothes. But you don’t have to – it comes with a shelf that you can use instead of the hanging rod if you would like. The two double doors allow easy access to the interior. And the easy-sliding drawers with the nickel brush handles add to the high quality look.

Now the reason that I bought this wardrobe armoire was because of its price. It was normally listed for over $800, but I got it for a little over $200. I have absolutely no idea why it was marked down so much. I don’t know if it was a gimmick to get people like me to buy, but even if it was, I would say it is easily worth the money I paid.

If you want a wardrobe armoire for nothing but hanging clothes, take a look at this Elite 32 Inch Multi-use Wardrobe Cabinet. It has no drawers which means it offers more than 5 feet of hanging space. It is made of multi-density fiberboard. I have had one like this before, and it worked well for years. But I didn’t move it around a lot, and I didn’t use it everyday.

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