Appealing Wood Pool Deck Ideas

wood pool deck ideas

Decorate Your Pool Deck With Style

Having a pool in your backyard will make your neighbors envious, but if you really want to impress them, adorn your pool deck with either tile or paint.

When you look at it, the concrete deck of your pool looks about as good a city sidewalk. That’s not to say the city sidewalk looks bad, but a city sidewalk has its place, and beside or around your pool is not it. Tile on your deck tile cover up the concrete and add a polished look to the pool area while giving your backyard a sophisticated atmosphere. Your Texas pool builder can help with these tiles.

The tiles for your deck are interlocking tiles. These tiles can be laid on top of pea gravel, concrete, or any other hard-packed surface, including bare earth. The surface you will be using as a base for your tile to cover should be free of any bumps or large holes. If you are using bare earth, before placing the tiles place a weed control mat on the earth first and then add the tiles.

The tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns. Hardwood patterns are one of the most popular. The hardwood is usually attached to a polymer base to add stiffness and durability to the wood. The laying of the tiles around the pool will not be a problem because the square tiles can be measured and cut with a jigsaw to accommodate the curves of the pool.

Some people prefer to paint their concrete deck, which is another option you can use to make your pool deck look great. Many paint manufacturers offer paints made for painting decks. Some of the advantages of using deck paints are:

The UV protection – Because of the UV protection in deck paints, your deck will avoid damages caused by the sun’s harsh rays.

Weather protection – Harsh temperatures and weather conditions can be tough on decks. Paint will provide protection from the elements.

Looks – There is a wide variety of colors to choose from in deck paints. It will be simple to match your pool to your home and the outdoor décor.

Non-slip surface – Some pool decks can be extremely slippery. If you have young children who like to run around, slipping and falling on the deck is a hazard you will want to avoid. Some deck paints offer non-skid properties. If you are unable to find any, you might want to mix a little sand or pumice to the paint before you apply it to your deck. This will prevent slipping and sliding on your deck.

Many of the deck paints are made with acrylic, which makes clean-up easy because you only have to use water.

Either one of these projects will add to the look of your pool and to the atmosphere of your backyard. They are both cost effective and both are durable. You can choose to have a Texas pool builder do this job for you or if you prefer, you can easily do either of these projects yourself. You will have a good looking pool deck for years to come no matter which way you choose to go.

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