Mesmerizing Yellow Bedrooms Designs

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Yellow is just one of those happy, peppy shades that make you feel good. In a bedroom, it’s like having a hint of bright warm sunshine every morning, even when it is raining outside. To balance the warmth and create an interesting focal point, consider choosing a contrasting color palette to offset the warmth and add depth to the bedroom. For instance, a sunny, yellow bedroom with a touch of zebra is a perfect choice for a woman, teenage girl, or young girl’s bedroom.

Zebra Stripe Borders

Instead of a chair rail, you can be very unique and use a zebra stripe border around the middle of the room, breaking up the sunny yellow and giving the room a customized look. You can also add such stripes to a border along the top of the room if you are not comfortable with dividing the room, or consider alternating a yellow stripe with a zebra one to really add a unique touch. A zebra stripe paint job on the inside of the door is another option, only noticeable to those who are in the room with the door closed for a more subtle approach.

Zebra Furniture

Okay, so not many people would honestly buy furniture that is totally zebra-striped, but there are ways to customize furniture and add a touch of zebra. If you are looking at a comfy chair in the bedroom, consider reupholstering only the cushion with a great zebra stripe print. A dresser could have only the faces of the drawers-or only the top drawer-painted with a zebra stripe.

To create a unique touch on the zebra striping, consider choosing a shade such as yellow to replace white in the pattern. Go opposite of the shade of yellow that is on the wall: For example, use pastel yellow if you have lemon yellow on the wall, or vice versa. This will help create contrasts and depth in the room, and make it easier to add other colors to complete the look.

Zebra Accessories

Most often, people choose to add a touch of zebra with accessories instead adding it to the walls with borders, paint or wallpaper; this help to keep the room from becoming overwhelmed with zebra stripes. Too much zebra stripe can cause the sunny yellow to lose all the attention in the bedroom, but the yellow should really be the primary shade in the room. The zebra striping is only an accent shade, so it should be less noticeable throughout the room.

Throw pillows are an ideal accessory for the bedroom, especially those that can easily be tossed onto a chair or at the foot of the bed during the night hours. They create a focal point on the bed, which is the room’s main focal point anyway, and add a touch of zebra in just the right place to get noticed. Curtains that match the throw pillows help tie together the look of the room, especially if you can use yellow tiebacks to combine the shades that are in the bedroom.

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